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The Knight in the Area – “Clash! FC vs SC!!” Episode 6 Recap

by on May 19, 2012

The match between the FC and SC team begins!

The match between the FC and SC to decide who will represent the school for the nationals at last comes to a start! The FC slowly begins to get overpowered without Ryuichi and the SC team is able to score two points by the end of the first half. Tired of seeing the FC team struggle, Kota quits the SC team and decides to help out Kakeru. The game continues and Kakeru finally scores and puts the game into a 1:3 position by the end of the second half. While the match draws near its deciding closure, Ryuichi arrives to save the FC team with no more weight holding him back..

“Clash! FC vs SC!!” is so far my favorite episode in this series due to the really fun interactions and impact that it brings. The FC is already having a hard time beating the SC team and in this result we get to really see all the team members expressing their different personalities and becoming much more likeable. I couldn’t help but to laugh when Kota decided to ditch the SC team and actually prove himself to be a very humorous character for Kakeru’s group.  It was rather good to see all the different strategies being made throughout the half of the game and I was impressed that Kakeru has only been using his own skill than what we’ve seen when his brother’s heart takes control of him. The only real complaint that I have here is that it’s extremely unrealistic to see that Ryuichi was able to lose all of that weight in one week thanks to the possible idea of “severe training”.

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