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"The Batman" Writer Christopher Yost Riddled With Questions

by on May 20, 2005

This Saturday, Kids’WB! will introduce The Riddler into their hit animated show The Batman. The episode “Riddled” features The Dark Knight and Detective Yin racing through Gotham trying to solve a series of deadly riddles. Episode writer Christopher Yost had a blast writing this episode and getting a chance to write “one of the bad guy biggies.”

The Riddler's bio!“Riddler is sinisterly smart, and while characters like Joker and Penguin are devious in their seperate ways, Riddler owns mindgames,” says Yost. “Although he can be a little too smart for his own good.”

In the episode, the riddles aren’t something we’d really expect from the villain. They aren’t your standard riddles, and that may be because this isn’t your standard Riddler. And if a question is answered incorrectly, bad things will happen.

“The goal was for it all to be a thrill ride,” says Yost. “Without giving too much away, it’s a fair mix of questions and mind games.”

A show like The Batman has to keep moving, with not a lot time for pondering. “Luckily,” says Yost, “ticking time bombs helped with that.”

Also helping The Batman to beat the clock is regular supporting character Detective Ellen Yin. Yost hopes to emphasize the tightrope that Yin has to walk to have the Batman as a silent partner.

Their relationship is a work in progress, Yost believes, with both Yin and the Batman still feeling it out.

“She’s put in a situation that’s awfully exposed, and not just to the Chief,” says Yost of Yin’s dire situation in this episode.

“Riddled” won’t be the writer’s only contribution to the second season of The Batman. He also penned an episode spotlighting The Penguin and Man-Bat, called “Pets.”

“I haven’t seen [the episode] yet either. I’m thinking about moving to Canada,” jokes Yost, referring to the fact that the first two seasons of The Batman have already aired across the border.

Even if he does have to wait a bit longer to see his work come to life, Yost is just content to be lucky enough to get a swing at the cultural icon.

“I really put a lot of pressure on myself to do the best that I can for him–the character deserves it. Batman will be around long after I’m gone.”

“Riddled” will air this Saturday at 10:30am (ET) on Kids’WB!.

To read a review of “Riddled,” as well as extensive media on the episode, check out The World’s Finest The Batman subsite.

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