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"The Batman Season Two": The Batman Strikes Back?

by on September 13, 2006

With its opening season rarely rising above mediocrity, The Batman needed a hell of a lot of work if it was to become worthy of 22 minutes of your time. Despite awesome character models, stunning animation and amazing chorography, The Batman was tiresome to watch in its initial season – the characters were two-dimensional bores, the stories tired and the dialogue was awful. Add that to the legion of fans who were full of nothing but contempt for it before it even premiered and the second season was going to be an uphill battle before eventhe opening credits rolled.

Thankfully, the show’s creative team realized this and attempted to make the show deeper. They didn’t always succeed but even the bad episodes of the season are still much better than anything found in the first season. The aforementioned problems found in the opening season were still present but improvements were made. The season is filled with far too many Joker/Penguin episodes than anyone over the age of eight could take, but don’t let that stop you – there are some excellent episodes to be found in this collection.


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