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The Avenger Doesn’t Fight Crime – He Destroys It

by on October 31, 2013


Everybody knows about Marvel’s version of avenging superheroes called The Avengers, but now there’s a new avenger on the block and he – or she – is called, simply, “The Avenger”. Based on a 1939 pulp novel series revolving around a wealthy “adventurer” named Richard Benson who decides to stop “adventuring” and settle down only to have his wife and only daughter killed at the hand of criminals. Benson becomes distraught at the news and his face slowly disfigures allowing him to become a master of disguise in order to pursue the nefarious criminals responsible for his daughter’s and wife’s death as well as other assorted bad eggs. An updated version revolving instead around his daughter and having her seeking revenge for her parents’ deaths will be the storyline of the upcoming television series.

“The Avenger” has been picked up by the CW television network and is expected to have a 2014 pilot episode.

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