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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Words” Recap

by on November 14, 2012

Tired of being timid, Darwin takes Gumball’s advice and begins to speak his mind. Unfortunately for him, he goes too far, and Gumball has no choice but to try to stop him before he severely offends everybody at Elmore Junior High.

I am not generally a fan of musical numbers in animation, but the songs in Gumball tend to be more tolerable (and often more enjoyable) than those in other shows. This episode had two of them – one was a parody in the vein of High School Musical and the other was comparable to a song that would be sung by a Disney villain. I thought that both of them worked, and frankly, I wish the second one would have lasted longer. In this episode, we get to see Darwin speak his mind. It’s somewhat similar to what happened in “The Sock”, when the boys began to speak the absolute truth, but I said at the time that they could have done a whole lot more with that and this episode delivered. It gave us a chance to see more of Jamie and Teri as well, two students who have been particularly underutilized to this point in the show. I hope to see more of them in the future, as well as Clayton, Idaho and Molly.

The high point of this episode was easily the insult battle between Darwin and Gumball, done in the form of an arcade fighting game such as Street Fighter. There were lot of little jokes in that, like Darwin nearly winning because he used the same move over and over. Another great one is when the students in the background, bored of the fake combat and tired of making the same two movements over and over, finally walk away. It was all very well done and you can tell that the crew putting the episode together knew what they were referencing. I suppose the only minor gripe that I would have with this episode is that in my previous recap, I specifically pointed out how Principal Brown was defending Gumball, but he immediately blamed Gumball in this episode. I can’t help but feel that the show would be better if it were to iron out all of these minor inconsistencies. That doesn’t mar an otherwise remarkable episode, however, and I highly recommend it.

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