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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Watch” Recap

by on January 23, 2013


When Gumball receives an old watch from his father, he passes it along to Darwin because he doesn’t want it. However, when Darwin passes it along to an elderly neighbor, the boys try to get it back so that the heirloom stays in the family.

Watch 1

The Amazing World Of Gumball has returned after a brief hiatus and I’m quite impressed with the first episode of the year. While it didn’t feel like a whole lot happened, I enjoyed what there was, and this episode took the plot in a very interesting direction. I didn’t expect Richard to also be so indifferent and nonchalant about the watch that he’d casually get rid of it, although this does beg the question why none of the characters didn’t just put it in a drawer somewhere if they all felt that way. Having them become interested in the watch only after they learned that it might be worth money was a nice touch, although it somehow felt familiar. Still, I’m always a fan of low speed chases whenever a cartoon deigns it necessary to use one. The gag with the construction workers moving a plane of glass, which the boys failed to crash through due to their slow speed, was very well done.

Watch 2

This episode also branched out a bit by getting the old guys involved in the plot. They’ve had a few small roles to play in previous episodes, but I’m glad that this show is making an effort to get more of the side-characters a role in one episode or another, however trivial those parts might be. I hope to see that continue as the season progresses. Beyond that, the only issue that I had with the episode was that a few of the indoor scenes had too much of an echo when the characters spoke. I know they were speaking in empty hallways and other such rooms, but it sounded off and I don’t recall it sounding as blatant in previous episodes. That’s a minor gripe at best, however, and I would give this episode a solid rating. My week is better off when Cartoon Network is airing new episodes of Gumball and I’m hoping that the next hiatus isn’t for quite some time.

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