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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Phone” Recap

by on September 19, 2012

Gumball’s excitement over getting his own cell phone fizzles out when he realizes that it’s just not fun, but when Darwin becomes obsessed with texting, he has to put an end to it in order to save him. However, Darwin’s texting friend, Ocho, doesn’t take the news so well.

Season one of The Amazing World Of Gumball had many side-characters. By all accounts, most of those side-characters are going to show up again in season two, but that doesn’t mean that they did very much in season one. One of the characters who had never really done much of anything was Ocho, the 8-bit spider; it didn’t even appear that he was capable of talking. Well, this episode shows that there is a whole lot more to Ocho than there appeared to be; he’s a nice kid with some serious anger management issues, easily blowing up on his friends at the slightest hint of disagreement or displeasure. It also implied that he’s less of a spider and more of a space invader, a la the real-world arcade game, but he’s still listed as a spider on official websites. I really like what they did with him and it gives me hope that some of the other lesser characters, like Clayton, Jamie or Molly, will get their own episodes later on.

As for the episode itself, it was great. Gumball demonstrated both immaturity in his initial obsession over the phone, as well as maturity in how he evolved and viewed things when Darwin became obsessed with it. I liked that. In season one, Gumball seemed far too stupid for his own good, never learning from his mistakes – his official descriptions even listed his inability to learn from his mistakes as a selling point – but I like how he’s applying more sense to things now. If I had one gripe with the episode, it would be that Mr. Small has been showing up a bit too often. I like him, I find him to be hilarious. But I think the show would benefit from an expanded school faculty. It seems like every cartoon wants to keep the faculty small, as if it’s some sort of joke that we only ever see the same few people over and over, but I see no legitimate reason why they couldn’t add more teachers.

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