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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Helmet” Recap

by on March 7, 2012

Gumball decides to give up his lucky helmet, but when he realizes how bad his life is without it, he strives to get it back. Things become complicated when Nicole and Richard begin to fight over it, causing Anais to suggest that the helmet should be destroyed.

While most episodes of this show attempt to ease their way into the plot, “The Helmet” abruptly starts out in the middle. It made no attempt to provide exposition about Gumball’s lucky helmet, such as where he found it or why it is so lucky, and instead focused on Gumball being bored of it right out of the gate. I’m not quite sure what to make of that, but I think this episode would have been better served if more time had been taken to set up the plot.

Regardless of that, this was an enjoyable episode. It was nice to see things go well for Gumball, even if that only lasted for a few scenes, and I’m glad that the entire family was once again involved. I just wish one scene in particular had been handled better. Richard wanted to use the lucky helmet to win a game show, while Nicole wanted to use it in order to get a promotion – which would help the entire family. For one brief moment, it appeared that Nicole actually got through to Richard and that he was going to let her use the helmet and be a decent husband for once, but instead Richard ultimately tricked Nicole. The writers did show that Nicole would have done on her interview even without the helmet, as she only blew it because she threw a fit when she realized that she’d been deceived. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that Richard does these stupid things in just about every episode.

The latter half of the episode was a Lord of the Rings parody. It feels a bit dated after all of this time, but there were a lot of great lines and some epic visuals, particularly when they were watching the helmet fall. It was perfectly understandable that Gumball would fight so hard in order to save that helmet, as his life pretty much sucks without it. The episode did try to end on a happy note, with Anais and Darwin telling Gumball how much he meant to them and that he was far more important than the helmet. However, the message is just a bit redundant since they’ve basically delivered those exact lines in other episodes. We already know that Gumball’s family cares about him, but if they really care then they should have just let him keep the helmet. He was apparently wearing it for quite some time prior to the episode and didn’t turn evil as a result, so Anais’ concerns were unfounded. Still, this was an enjoyable episode and I’m looking forward to the season finale.

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