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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Fight” Recap

by on March 18, 2012

When Anais believes that Gumball is being bullied, she inadvertently arranges a fight between him and Tina Rex. Now, Gumball must rely on his family in order to prepare for the fight, lest he be beaten into a pulp.

This is the final episode of the show’s first season and according to Cartoon Network, it was also one of the final episodes that went through production. It struck me as odd, then, that several scenes in this episode seemed to imply that it took place towards the beginning of the season, such as Mr. Small’s introduction. I’m not sure if the writers simply wrote the episodes out of chronological order or if Cartoon Network simply botched something when assigning production codes, but I pointed out similar problems with “The Meddler” and it’s starting to confuse me. Either way, the show has trouble maintaining continuity because of that. This is the second episode in which Tina revealed that she isn’t actually a bully, with the other being “The Quest”. However, neither episode impacts the other. I don’t see the point in having these characters reveal things in episodes if they are just going to be forgotten. I believe season two really needs to work on that. I’m not calling for pure continuity, but character development can only happen if there is some form of episode memory.

That said, this was a really good episode. Anais got another prominent role in it, once again making things far worse for Gumball. At least her original plan to have Gumball and Tina talk things out was the right thing to do; she just wasn’t able to correctly interpret Tina’s intent during their conversation on the phone. The scene where she got mad with power and rallied the students to do her bidding instead of helping Gumball was an interesting direction to take for her character, though. Anais needs to be something more than a sarcastic genius, so the show continuing to give her a bit of a mischievous side, like in one of the Elmore Stream videos, would do wonders for her. I also believe that this was one of the best looking episodes to date, which is fitting for the season finale. The chase scene looked amazing and had some great choreography in its shots, and there were also visual gags throughout the episode. It’s also always nice when Nicole manifests her insane-scary desire to protect her family; the way she manhandled Tina’s father was impressive.

I would consider the first season of The Amazing World of Gumball to be a resounding success. While a few of the episodes bothered me for one reason or another, I didn’t outright dislike any of them, and the bonus content provided online did a great deal to keep me focused on the show even in its off hours. I can only hope that the second season will premiere sooner rather than later, and that when it does it will have taken steps to improve itself. I am optimistic that both of these things will come true.

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