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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Colossus” Recap

by on August 16, 2012

Darwin and Gumball attempt to improve Hector’s life by freeing him from his mother’s restrictions, but soon discover that she had very good reasons for keeping his life as mundane as possible. Now, they must calm him down to prevent him from destroying the city.

I had mixed feelings when I first learned about this episode, as I just didn’t believe that Hector would have been interesting enough to hold an episode. Unlike the other students at Elmore Junior High, Hector served primarily as a visual gag, never being seen from the waist up and only being used in short jokes. I suppose I should give the writers credit for trying to do something with him, but since the plot involved him being very boring, it made the episode itself somewhat boring. That did change in the second half when the show took inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus, but I believe it was hurt by the fact that it really only involved four characters. There just wasn’t very much happening during the first half of the episode, although the tamely edited comic book was very funny and it may have surpassed the climax as the high point of the episode.

That said, the animation stood out once again. Hector’s rampage, combined with the broomstick chase, was very impressive. I know some have argued that the show should have more comedy and less action, but Gumball‘s action sequences are always very well done. Chuck Klein, who provides storyboards for the show and also serves as its storyboard supervisor, worked extensively in order to ensure that this particular sequence turned out as well as it did. The Shadow of the Colossus sequence, which I mentioned above, was also a nice reference; Ben Bocquelet cited it as his favorite game and you could see its effects. The scenes in which Gumball climbed up Hector while being tossed around, while epic music played in the background, made for a very good climax. It did feel like everything went back to normal a bit too easily after all of that hard work, but I can’t hold that against the episode. All in all, I liked The Colossus, but its pretty low on my overall list of episodes.

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