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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Bet” Recap

by on November 30, 2012

After losing a bet, Bobert agrees to do whatever Gumball wants for the next day. Gumball does not intend to let this opportunity to go to waste, but Darwin becomes concerned that he is taking advantage of Bobert’s different way of thinking.

“The Bet” is a fine episode, but it suffers due to its similarities with Bobert’s season one episode, “The Robot”. They have different premises, but both episodes were brought about by Bobert’s apparent inability to behave and think like other kids, and both episodes resulted in him trying to terminate Gumball. I would say that “The Bet” handled those aspects better, although I’m not sure if the ongoing bit about disabled persons was necessary. Darwin kept insisting that Gumball should treat Bobert differently because he is a robot, and that Gumball was being insensitive by treating him normally, but Gumball believed that he was doing right by Bobert by treating him like a normal kid instead of one who is challenged in some way. I respect the message, and I could see where both boys were coming from, but I don’t know if touching any of that was necessary. It reminded me of that Kim Possible episode where Kim and Ron had different views on how to treat the handicapped kid, but it made more sense to have that discussion in that show.

With all of that said, I did enjoy this episode. Bobert’s literal interpretations permitted some amusing scenes to take place, such as when he “helped” Principal Brown get lost by dumping him in the middle of the forest. The scene where Darwin attempted to help Bobert hook up with Tina was amusing as well, with Gumball’s interjection after it. The episode’s climax was also entertaining to watch, with Bobert trying to hunt down Gumball due to a command that he had made to Darwin in jest. This show has always handled its climaxes well and I continue to be impressed, even with the similarities that I pointed out earlier. Perhaps the ending could have been better, as it seemed to be going for a “here we go again” spin by having Gumball agree to play another game with Bobert, but I did like how Gumball’s “last ten seconds alive” were spent. There appears to be only one more new episode left this year, but I really like how season two has been so far.

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