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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Apology” Recap

by on November 7, 2012

After attempting to warn Miss Simian that her dress was torn and causing her hindquarters to show, Darwin and Gumball find themselves as the target of her wrath. Now, she is determined to do whatever it takes in order to give them the punishment that she believes they deserve.

I knew little about this episode prior to its premiere, as Cartoon Network had not yet released proper summaries and the promo did little to explain it. I was somewhat concerned about that, but having watched it, I think it was one of the better episodes to date. It marked Miss Simian’s first prominent role in the season, and while her new design seems simpler and her new voice sounds off, I believe she really excelled in her role. I particularly liked the ending, as it was actually touching without trying to force in a joke to ruin the moment. There was a joke at the end, but it was subtle and didn’t interfere with the understanding that was formed between the boys and their teacher. She had plenty of great moments sprinkled throughout the episode as well, such as her numerous flip-outs that caused her to wreck things in an ape-like fashion.

I also feel that this episode serves as a testament to how far the show has come. In season one, it seemed as if the world itself was conspiring against Gumball. He was an idiot, whose friends easily became his bullies, and every effort he made only caused bad things to happen to him. Well, season two Gumball has been so much better, and in this episode, Principal Brown lavished nothing but praise on the boys, talking about how they were good students. Gumball’s grades were even shown, and while he’s a below average student, he did do moderately well in some areas. I like that. I know it’s just a cartoon and that Gumball could go through life as a bumbling failure, but I don’t enjoy watching failure. Gumball’s speech to his classmates, which earned their respect and stopped a fight, was so much better than what happened in “The Gi”, when those same classmates took delight in seeing him brutally hurt himself over and over. I consider that progress and I sincerely hope that this was a concerted effort by the show’s crew to make things less lopsided in favor of Gumball’s suffering.

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