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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Storm” Recap

by on August 1, 2013


Tired of how lovey-dovey Alan and Carmen act all of the time, Gumball calls them out on it and inadvertently dries a wedge between them. Now, he must find a way to mend their relationship and get them back together.

Gumball Storm 1

While I tend to enjoy nearly every episode of this show, every so often one comes along that just gets everything right. This was one such episode. I loved it. Like “The Pony”, pretty much every joke in it worked, and it even made use of some of the early character descriptions which is something that is sure to please longtime fans of the series. Alan and Carmen were always meant to be together due to the irony of their relationship, but the show hadn’t actually used that until now. Season two has been great in that regard, as if it’s fulfilling old promises, such as Clayton’s love of tall tales which was used as the premise of “The Skull”. I’m excited to see what character will be fleshed out next, although I am somewhat disappointed that Molly – the Sauropod girl who whose most notable role was in “The Pressure” – has been absent for the entire season save for one brief cameo. Perhaps she’ll show up in season three like Rob did in season two, but I digress.

Gumball Storm 2

There were a lot of great gags, even small visual ones that the audience only had a few seconds to register before the scene changed. In one scene, Masami’s whirlwinds caused a handful of characters to get their features mixed up; Principal Brown, for example, ended up being made out of paper while Carrie took on his hairy appearance. Clever little gags like these have always been a strength of the series and I’m glad that they continue to use the show’s art style in such creative ways. There were so many funny moments in this episode and I couldn’t possibly list them all, but I loved Gumball’s reaction when Masami told him the truth about her plan, and that risqué joke where Gumball inflated Alan in the bathroom stall cracked me up far more than it probably should have. The episode also had a great climax with a proper ending, which I prefer over the abrupt endings that several episodes as of late have had. This was truly one of the best episodes of the season and I give it my highest recommendation.

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