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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Sidekick” Recap

by on July 5, 2013


During their efforts to get a video game back from Tobias, Darwin grows tired of being treated like Gumball’s sidekick and wants to be in charge for a change.

Gumball Sidekick 1

While I have appreciated season two’s efforts to give more screen-time to the supporting cast, it is refreshing to get episodes like this which focus primarily on Darwin and Gumball. This is still very much their show, after all, and a lot of its success depends on their chemistry. Some have questioned if that chemistry still worked in season two, as their personalities had been tweaked to some extent, but I think this episode proves that the cast and crew – Kwesi Boakye and Logan Grove, as well as the writers and storyboard artists – are staying true to their characters and have a solid understanding of what makes them work. I know some episodes will be off the mark to some extent, but just like season one, the majority of the episodes will turn out great.

Gumball Sidekick 2

I also feel that the comedy in these episodes is improving. I thought that “The Pony” was the most consistently funny episode to date, and while this one didn’t quite reach that level, there were a great number of amusing scenes. The cockroach inside of Darwin’s e-mail inbox was unexpected, and the scene during lunch when the boys march through the hallway, slamming open doors as they talk, had a delightful twist that I really enjoyed. The bizarre turn in the plot also worked very well, when Darwin kidnapped Tobias’ mother in order to ransom her for the game. The show really seems to be pushing its TV-Y7 rating, even though that rating has already caused one episode to be edited for American broadcasts. I can only hope that the network continues to give them leeway in the future. This was a great episode and it only got better as it went on.

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