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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Limit” Recap

by on August 29, 2013


When Nicole takes her family to the supermarket, their obsession with getting candy soon pushes her over the limit. Now, the kids must find a way to stop her from being a rampaging beast before it’s too late.

Gumball Limit 1

I didn’t like “The Fridge” because in that episode, Nicole was unusually cruel towards her family. I could have dealt with that, but when she apologized at the end of the episode they decided to have her be insincere about it. Well, in “The Limit”, the rest of the family is unusually cruel towards her, and this time, they decided to have them be insincere. Anais, Darwin, Gumball and Richard came off as awful characters in this. They were insufferable brats who were more annoying than funny, and having them lie to their mother at the end just so they could get candy – candy that they didn’t deserve – really didn’t work for me. It also negated Richard’s “manning up” and accepting responsibility for his actions, as the episode strongly implied that he was in on the kid’s actions and only said what he said in order to get some candy. Perhaps those implications are incorrect, as it’s not directly stated in the episode, but it sure seemed that way.

Gumball Limit 2

However, this episode didn’t bug me as much as “The Fridge”. In fact, I think it’s a good episode. It helps that nobody was terribly out of character – every member of the family has treated Nicole horribly at one point or another. Nicole also had good reason for her actions, and even as she was pushed over the limit, she still cared enough about her family to warn them and then she snapped out of it all on her own. I also enjoyed the climax where she hunted down Richard, but her kids probably should have run from her for a bit longer before they realized that she was ignoring them. They deserved to be chased just as much as Richard, if not more. At any rate, I can only hope that in season three, fewer episodes end with these quick jokes. There’s nothing wrong with an episode ending in a genuine sentimental moment, yet I can list six or seven episodes that had their sentimental moments ruined or at least cheapened by an attempt to end the episode on a joke. That’s really not necessary.

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