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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Flakers” Recap

by on February 7, 2013


When Gumball insults Tina, Darwin abandons him before he gets pummeled. Now, both boys want an apology from the other, causing their friendship to deteriorate. Meanwhile, Richard reacts strangely to his dental anesthetic.

Gumball Flakers 1

This was a fun episode, as it was just about kids being kids. Perhaps the term “flaker” was tossed around a bit too much, as it’s not a widely used word in our lexicon, but just seeing the kids interact with one another was great. One scene in particular brought a smile to my face: when Anais put a video of Darwin and Gumball on the internet, only to be joyfully made the target of a pillow fight as all three kids laughed. It was a very genuine scene and the subtlety that it had is often lost in shows, even in several episodes of this one. It’s often easy to forget that the kids are meant to be kids, especially when they get involved in crazy robot fights and other reality warping shenanigans, and I’d like to see more toned down episodes like this.

Gumball Flakers 2

That said, there were a good amount of antics, most of which involved Richard. He has easily been season two’s most improved character, as I’ve said many times before, but the writers do find reason for him to let loose on some occasions. In this episode, his view on the world is warped thanks to some anesthetics that he received at the dentist’s office, so he spends most of the episode running around and doing random things. The scene where he playfully nibbled on a distraught Rocky came out of nowhere and the comedy he provided through such scenes helped raise the quality of the episode. Nicole even got a few good lines, such as in the beginning where she took advantage of Richard’s condition and tricked him into thinking the phone was ice-cream. As I’ve said, this was a fun episode. Hopefully we can expect more episodes like this as the season progresses.

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