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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Dream” Recap

by on June 27, 2013


When Gumball dreams that Darwin and Penny are in love, he begins to mistreat Darwin in the real world due to his jealousy. Darwin, wanting it to stop, tries to find a way to apologize to Gumball and put an end to his irrationality.

Gumball Dream 1

“The Dream” was an okay episode in and of itself, but I couldn’t help but feel that we’ve been down this road before. “The Flower” was a much better episode about Gumball’s jealousy, and it was set up in a believable manner. Here, Gumball knows he is being completely irrational about his jealousy but continues to be jealous for the sake of it. This makes his continuous acts of aggression less funny and more disturbing, and it doesn’t help that he even acted that way towards Penny. Again, Gumball’s claim that he doesn’t want Penny to know that he’s in love with her strikes me as silly since many episodes have shown that she is already well aware of that fact. Gumball has never been strong on continuity, but I feel the show would be better if they stopped acting like it doesn’t exist. Fortunately, things got better once they entered their dreams and there were some clever ideas at work in them, and I have to wonder if the episode would have been better had they gotten to that point in the story a bit sooner. All in all, this was a fairly average episode.

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