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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Bumpkin” Recap

by on February 5, 2013


Concerned that television will turn him into a mindless consumer, Gumball seeks Idaho’s help in order to teach his family how to be happy without products. However, he soon finds the simple life to be less than he had hoped for.

Gumball Bumpkin 1

While I give this episode credit for expanding upon a character who had done very little in his previous appearances, I can’t say that this episode really impressed me very much. It wasn’t a bad episode, as it had some clever jokes and cute moments, but not a whole lot happened in it and it went by far too quickly. It didn’t help that it reminded me of a much better episode, “The Painting”, as it also dealt with the Wattersons attempting to change their ways at the request of one of the children. Perhaps that sort of plot could have worked a second time, but I believe too much time was spent on the GPS gags at the beginning and the end and we didn’t really get to see the family interact with Idaho a whole lot. Still, it was mostly enjoyable and I hope to see more of Idaho in the future.

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