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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Authority” Recap

by on February 13, 2013


Granny JoJo is convinced that Nicole is a bad mother, so she takes on her responsibilities in order to keep the family safe. However, her methods quickly backfire as the children grow to become more and more like Richard.

Gumball Authority 1

This episode marked Granny JoJo’s first substantial role since “The Kiss” and while she didn’t do a whole lot in previous episodes, she was fairly active in this one. We got to see her view on parenting, taking over-protectiveness to the extreme and scaring her charges into living ridiculously sheltered lives. Such is the reason why Richard is the way that he is, as up until he met Nicole, he never thought for himself and always listened to his mother’s warnings. I like how they tried to explain him, but even then, I didn’t find the antics about turning on the TV very funny. Hyperbole can be amusing when it’s used correctly, but implying that characters are that stupid has always rubbed me the wrong way.

Gumball Authority 2

Nicole stole the episode, as she tends to do. I liked how they handled her reaction to Granny JoJo’s accusations, and Teresa Gallagher delivered her lines perfectly. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, and when she realized what Granny JoJo’s “mothering” was doing to the children, her reaction there was also apropos. The scene where an angry Nicole was depicted as engulfed in flames a nice gesture as well, as it was a callback to a scene in “The Responsible”. The episode also deserves credit for its ending, where Granny JoJo apologizes to Nicole and the two of them make peace. It seems like this show too often throws aside sentimental moments for the sake of a quick joke, but just like in “The Apology”, this episode’s quick joke at the end worked alongside the sentimental moment and both were strengthened because of it. The show’s cast and crew deserve a lot of credit for the show’s general improvement and the many awards they won have been well deserved.

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