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The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Begins

by on July 23, 2009

Greetings.  This is Jeffrey “The Vile One” Harris reporting live from San Diego, covering all the latest and greatest for the 2009 San Diego Comic Convention.  Preview night is already in the books, and yours truly had a chance to walk around the floor to check some of the exclusive booth merchandise and the ever staggering Exhibition Hall floor space.  For fans of Masters of The Universe, through great expense of my life and physical well being, I was able to pick up several Masters of The Universe Classics figures including the 2009 Convention Exclusive figure, HE-RO!  I also picked up Skeletor and He-Man.

Comic Con doesn’t look to be slowing down at all this year, and this is shaping up to be another blockbuster year.  Tomorrow I’ll be taking a first look at the sneak peak of the new animated movie, Green Lantern: First Flight, which I’m very excited about.  Green Lantern, Hal Jordan Green Lantern specificallly, is one of my all time favorite characters.  While I found Justice League: New Frontier to be a lot of fun, with Hal playing a significant role there, I also felt the movie was too ambitious for such a short running time in trying to cram so much story and information in about 70 minutes.  This movie will have a stronger and more singular focus on the Hal Jordan/Green Lantern origin.  And the premise of mixing all this with the Sinestro Corp. War, one of the greatest GL stories in recent memory makes it all the more intriguing.

The Green Lantern animated movie premieres in a special preview on Thursday at SDCC.

We have loads more coverage, special panels and events, and interviews planned, so stay tuned for more loyal readers.

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