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"Tenchi Muyo! GXP" Vol. 6: Return of the Pink-Haired Badass

by on September 8, 2005

Seina Yamada’s known throughout the galaxy as a bad luck magnet. He’s even been hired as a Galaxy Police transporter/bait, luring out space pirates so they can be picked off more easily. For a man with such bad luck, being the captain of a ship staffed by hot babes doesn’t seem too bad. But there’s someone out there who, through buying all the good luck in the universe, hopes to take him down. And he has pink hair.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve watched Tenchi Muyo! GXP, so I was slightly lost. It didn’t take too much thinking to hop back in the space saddle, though. Volume 6 (“Seiryo Strikes Back”) starts off with “The Price of Fortune,” which features Seina and company running into the Good Luck Fleet, led by General Daluma. He’s recruiting new soldiers and charms from throughout the universe to help his greedy cause, leading to the return of fan favorite/bane/pink-haired goof Seiryo Tennan.

After a lightsaber/gun fight, Seiryo walks off thinking to himself, “I am such a badass.” If you have the cajones to think that, you are a badass. Not too many can pull it off. Ash from Army of Darkness and Wolverine from Astonishing X-Men/House Of M/Wolverine/The New Avengers/etc. are prime examples, but Seiryo somehow does it despite (or because of) his complete ineptitude.

Going into episode 19, we return to some of the classic sitcom episodic plots. Amane, the Anne Heche look-alike (but they definitely don’t share the same interests), is forced back into modeling by her parents. At least it’s to model Galaxy Police uniforms. Full Disclosure: I fell asleep during this episode. Okay, I was incredibly tired after work and all and drifted off, and I would have had the whole disc run past me if it weren’t for the Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger theme coming from my cell phone. I did rewind it, and it’s not indicative of the actual episode. Just thought it might be entertaining for y’all. This episode isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, just a fun filler episode.

The last episode follows in the same vein. Seiryo finally names his ship, the newest in the Good Luck Fleet. That’s the big plot point. Oh, there’s something about Kiriko getting a tree or something in an ancient Juraian ritual, but it’s hard to understand fictional space religion/ethnicities when they don’t bother to give you enough information. But the highlight of the episode—though it felt like it was just going through the motions—is Seina’s ever-continuing run from the Juraian babe who wants to marry him.

I do want to bring up a problem I had with the video on the first episode. The video on “The Price of Fortune” is very jumpy. It’s as if there’s a minor earthquake throughout the episode that nobody notices. Sure, we can claim it’s from the turbulence in space (but wait, would space have turbulence?), but it definitely stood out. I’ve seen this happen to Yu-Yu Hakusho before, and I’m inclined to believe it’s probably a fault of the source video rather than faulty video work by FUNimation. But the audio is fine as always.

Extras are light, especially when you compare this series to another FUNimation release from around the same time, Kiddy Grade. We get creditless intro and ending, the same profiles for the sixth time, and trailers.

Tenchi GXP continues to be a fun series, and this volume is no different, even if it had a few problems on the way. Anyone who’s seen the first five volumes of Tenchi GXP will want Vol. 6, but if you haven’t, start with Vol. 1. Or wait for FUNimation’s box set releases early next year.

Episodes included on this disc:
Episode 18: “The Price of Fortune”
Episode 19: “Seiryo Attacks”
Episode 20: “Beware the Unko!”

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