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Could Tekken 7 Come To Nintendo Switch?

by on February 1, 2017

Tekken 7 is meant to be a big part in the story that has been going for quite some time, in fact, the producer of the game said that this will serve as the conclusion for the saga of the Mishima Clan . As Kazuya tries to take down his father Heihachi Mishima, and you know Jin will get involved too somehow. The game will also introduce new gameplay mechanics that aim to set the game apart from its predecessors. But, there may be another way it could separate from past games as well. A new console to put it on.

I speak of course of the Nintendo Switch. Now while this may seem odd, when you really look at it, it does make sense. Bandai Namco are very friendly with Nintendo, they even helped make the last Super Smash Bros. game. And, they’ve already pledged support to the Nintendo Switch. Also, they have put Tekken titles on Nintendo platforms before. The most recent being Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

So, could Tekken 7 come to Switch? It’s very possible, if for no other reason than release dates. The Nintendo Switch comes out March 3rd, whereas Tekken 7 is coming out in June. That’s a good gap, and even if it doesn’t release simultaneously, it could come out not long after.

This would be a huge boost to not only the Nintendo Switch roster of games, but to Nintendo getting more and more 3rd party support in regards to big titles. Now, whether this happens is still very much in the air, but you never know. Still a lot of time before Tekken 7 comes to PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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