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"When They Cry: The Complete Series": Absolutely Heart-Stopping Horror

by Karl Olsonon October 20, 2009
A lot of anime try to be scary; and a lot try to do multiple short multi-episode arcs; and a lot try to fuse genres. Some of them even try all those at once. When They Cry is one of the few that succeeds. The story begins in the tiny town of Hinamizawa, deep in […]

"When They Cry": The Devil’s in the Delicious Details

by Weathermanon May 8, 2009
Cute kids, isolated mountain village, curses revolving around festivals, and murder. Lots and lots and lots and lots of murder. Sounds like your standard Hollywood slasher flick. Admittedly, When They Cry bears more than a bit of a resemblance to one at first glance. But there’s a difference. When was the last time Hollywood actually […]