"Superman vs. the Elite" - New Vldeo Clip & Stills, More Pauley Perrette, PR Interview with Writer Joe Kelly

Warner Bros. Animation has released the following new clip from Superman vs. the Elite, the upcoming new direct-to-video animated movie from DC Entertainment, along with two more video interview clips with actor Pauley Perrette (Lois Lane) and a press-release interview with writer Joe Kelly, who penned the original comic book story in Action Comics #775 […]

"Superman vs. the Elite" - Stills and Interview Video Clips with Pauley Perrette on Playing Lois Lane

Warner Bros. Animation has released the following new press release interview with Pauley Perrette (NCIS‘s Abby Sciuto), who plays Lois Lane in Superman vs. the Elite, the upcoming new direct-to-video animated movie from DC Entertainment. The movie is based on the comic book Action Comics #775 (“What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American […]

Dick Beals, Voice Actor, 1927 - 2012

Mark Evanier reports the passing of veteran voice actor Dick Beals at the age of 85. Beals suffered from a glandular disorder which resulted in his diminutive stature (standing at 4’7″) and a youthful voice that led to voice acting roles as children throughout his career. His best known voice acting roles include being the […]

"Superman vs. the Elite" - Stills, Interview, and Interview Clips with George Newbern on Being Superman

Warner Home Video has released several new stills from Superman vs. the Elite, the upcoming animated direct-to-video feature film coming to DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download services on June 12, 2012. In addition, several video clips and a press release interview have been released talking with George Newbern, who voiced Superman in the Justice League […]

The Legendary Clarence 'Ducky' Nash

Clarence ‘Ducky’ Nash is probably one of the most recognizable voice talents there is. Although he only voiced one character for over 50 years, his rendition of Donald Duck is legendary. Below are 3 videos which show some of his rare on-screen appearances. This first clip is from What’s My Line? where the celebrity panel, […]

Interviews with the seiyuu of Street Fighter IV

Below are 3 videos featuring short interviews the seiyuu of Street Fighter IV video game with English subtitles. Featured are Hiroki Takahashi (Ryu), Yuuji Kishi (Ken), Tomiko Orikasa (Chun-Li), Hiroki Yasumoto (Guile), Zenichi Nagano (E. Honda), Kenta Miyake (Zangief), Daisuke Egawa (Dhalsim), Yuji Ueda (Blanka), and Misato Fukuen (Sakura) for the first video. The second […]

Comics Alliance Interviews "Legend of Korra" Actor Janet Varney

Comics Alliance has interviewed actor Janet Varney on her role as the title character of Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra. Among other topics, Varney discusses how she got the role, what character traits she shares with her role, whether she’d incorporate Korra clothing into her wardrobe, and who her spirit animal is.

Takeshi Aono, Voice Actor, 1936 - 2012

Japanese voice actor Takeshi Aono passed away on April 9, 2012, at the age of 76, due to multiple cerebral infarction after an aortic aneurysm. Aono was best known for his roles in Chibi Makuro-chan, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. Aono had previously suffered from a stroke after having a aortic dissection in May 2010. […]

Toonzone News Interviews Voice Actor Tom Kenny

TOONZONE NEWS: SpongeBob SquarePants is an amazing phenomenon. And you still can’t turn on a TV without seeing it. TOM KENNY: Still, even twelve years later. [In SpongeBob's voice] *I just did SpongeBob today, I came right from SpongeBob to the LAAF.* I can’t believe that’s still a place that I go . . . […]

"Justice League: Doom" NYC Premiere Interviews with Phil Morris, Kevin Conroy, & Andrea Romano

At the world premiere of Justice League: Doom at the Paley Center for Media in New York City, Toonzone News was able to speak with actors Phil Morris and Kevin Conroy, and voice director Andrea Romano in red-carpet interview sessions for the press. Questions asked by Toonzone News are marked. These interviews have been slightly […]

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