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The Problem Solverz – “Mermaid Raid” Recap

by Joshua Baileyon September 22, 2011
“The Problem Solverz must rescue a mermaid who is being held captive by evil dolphins, but when Alfe admits that he is afraid of water, they must help him overcome his fear before they can tackle the problem head on.  They soon learn, however, that his fear may not be as genuine as he let […]

The Problem Solverz – “Problem Solverz Academy” Recap

by Joshua Baileyon September 16, 2011
“The Problem Solverz must go back to school when they fail to solve a problem, but when their team dynamics get shaken up by a drill instructor, who labels Horace the dorky kid and Roba the cool kid, they must deal with their new realities and still pass training or risk being banned from Problem […]