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9Story Takes Over "Lakebottom", "Vivi"

by Maxie Zeuson February 13, 2012
9Story Entertainment will take over production and distribution duties on Camp Lakebottom and Vivi, World Screen reports. The two series, which are slated to appear on Canada’s Teletoon and Brazil’s Mixer channels, respectively, were originally from Skywriter Media. Camp Lakebottom is set at “the most horrible summer camp in the world,” while Vivi is about […]

PR: TELETOON Canada & Turner Broadcasting System Bring Cartoon Network & Adult Swim to Canada in 2012

by Ed Liuon February 3, 2012
TELETOON CANADA INC. AND TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM, INC. BRING CARTOON NETWORK AND ADULT SWIM TO CANADA IN 2012 Canadian Broadcaster launches new ad-supported channel with a platform-integrated and portable approach ( Toronto , ON , February 2, 2012) – TELETOON Canada Inc. and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. today announced a partnership that will bring Cartoon […]

PR: Teletoon Retro Heats Up This Valentine’s Day with a Hunt for the Top 5 Classic Cartoon Crushes

by Grant Whiteon January 19, 2012
TELETOON RETRO HEATS UP THIS VALENTINE’S DAY WITH A HUNT FOR THE TOP 5 CLASSIC CARTOON CRUSHES Voting for the TELETOON Retro Hall of Fame Top 5 Crushes opens Monday, January 23 at and (Toronto, ON, January 19, 2012) – Who sets more hearts aflutter: He-Man or Pepé Le Pew? Smurfette or Lois […]

PR: TELETOON, TELETOON at Night and TELETOON Retro – February 2012 Programming Highlights

by Grant Whiteon January 12, 2012
TELETOON PROGRAMMING HIGHLIGHTS FEBRUARY 2012   VALENTINE’S DAY Love is in the air as TELETOON features some especially sweet programming.   Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love (2011)(Network Premiere) Airs Tuesday, February 14 at 4 p.m. ET/PT Draculaura’s sweet sixteen hundredth birthday is an occasion to party your fangs off at Monster High. […]

Toonzone Reviews the Animated TELETOON Winter 2012 Premieres

by Ed Liuon January 5, 2012
TELETOON launches its newest slate of programming tonight, January 5, 2012, and Toonzone has reviewed three of the animated premieres: Jamie Tadlock reviews Total Drama: Revenge of the Island: Let’s talk about Total Drama Island, and why it didn’t suck. The first (and weakest) season of the popular franchise was filled with archetypical characters, lame […]

"Detentionaire": Stuck in the Middle with Deja Vu

by Maxie Zeuson January 5, 2012
Whirr. Clang. Click. That’s the sound of countless tropes and stereotypes locking around the viewer as Detentionaire, a new animated series from Nelvana/Teletoon, makes it debut. Everything in this show–in the episode I was asked to review, anyway–is so generic and familiar that even the novel bits–if there are any–will leave you feeling manacled. The […]

"Total Drama: Revenge of the Island": Reboot Camp

by Radical Ravenon January 5, 2012
Let’s talk about Total Drama Island, and why it didn’t suck. The first (and weakest) season of the popular franchise was filled with archetypical characters, lame jokes, and contrived plotlines, but a few things kept it going–and me watching. The first was the fact that, while the characters were archetypes, they were not always one-note–there […]

"Mudpit": Remember, "Mud" Spelled Backwards Is…

by Ed Liuon January 5, 2012
Like most teen sitcoms over the years, the scripts all hand the actors big, obvious plots written in big, obvious dialogue to be acted out as broadly as possible. Everyone in the cast is handed a single defining character trait, which they flog mercilessly at every turn. Mikey is annoying, Reese is socially inept, Kyle […]

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series": Beware Not

by Revelatoron November 11, 2011
My first impressions of Green Lantern: The Animated Series were formed at Comicon, and they weren’t good. The clips were action figure theater. But my eyes have gotten somewhat used to the show, especially after viewing the first episode, “Beware My Power.” It breaks conveniently in half for broadcast, and more than half of it […]

PR: TELETOON Brings a Special Sneak-Peek of "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" on Friday, Nov 11, 2011

by Ed Liuon November 10, 2011
TELETOON BRINGS A SPECIAL SUPERFAN SNEAK-PEEK OF GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES First two episodes of the highly anticipated series to air Friday, November 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT (Toronto, ON, November 10, 2011) – TELETOON will indulge superfans from all over with a special sneak-peek treat. Unable to hold back these episodes for too […]