Sword Art Online - "The Sword Dance of White and Black" Episode 8 Recap

Sword Art Online 8 2

Two years have passed since Sword Art Online trapped 10,000 people inside its cyber depths. Kirito and Asuna decide to join together and explore the 74th floor, but they are stopped by Asuna’s stubborn “guard”, Kuradeel Kirito continues to venture up floor 74 and in the process, he finds himself a Ragout Rabbit:  a rare […]

Sword Art Online - "The Temperature of the Heart" Episode 7 Recap

Sword Art Online 7 1

                                      In order to obtain a much stronger sword, Kirito teams up with a blacksmith named Lisbeth. On June 24th 2024,  Kirito arrives at a local blacksmith shop run by a girl named “Lisbeth”, or just “Liz” for short. While testing out Lisbeth’s strongest custom-made sword, Kirito accidentally breaks it in half without much trouble. […]

Sword Art Online - "Illusionary Avenger" Episode 6 Recap

Sword Art Online 6 2

Kirito and Asuna uncover the truth behind Griselda’s death. After seeing Yoruko stabbed and killed, Kirito jumps out of the hotel window and chases after the killer. But the mysterious figure manages to get away, and Kirito is left questioning how anybody could die inside a safe zone. Kirito and Asuna decide to have a […]

Sword Art Online - "A Crime Within the Walls" Episode 5 Recap

Sword Art online episode 5 1

                              Kirito and Asuna decide to work together in order to solve the mystery behind an unusual murder.                 On March 6th, 2024, guilds and players meet on the 56th floor to devise a plan to defeat the next threatening boss. Asuna, who has become the vice commander of the Knights of Blood Oath guild, […]

Sword Art Online - "The Black Swordsman" Episode 4 Recap

Sword Art Online 4 2

       Kirito puts it upon himself to help a beast tamer named Silicia revive her pet dragon by going to an area called the Hill of Memories. On February 23rd, 2024, a beast tamer by the name of Silicia decides to quit a party after arguing with their nasty leader, Rosalia. Silicia decides to explore […]

Sword Art Online - "The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Episode 3 Recap

Sword Art Online episode 3 2

                                                                  Kirito decides to join up with a guild called “The Moonlit Black Cats” Four months have already passed and the floors of Sword Art Online are slowly being defeated. After helping out a guild called the “Moonlit Black Cats”, Kirito gets invited to their guild by their leader Ketia, and is requested to train […]

Sword Art Online - "Beater" Episode 2 Recap


One month has passed and there are only 8,000 players remaining inside of “Sword Art Online”. Kirito decides to join up with a group that is determined to defeat the boss of the first floor, meeting a girl named Asuna in the process.   On December 2nd, 2022, Kirito decides to attend a meeting organized by […]

Sword Art Online - "The World of Swords" Episode 1 Recap


   It’s the year 2022, where people can now log into the world of virtual reality gaming and experience it all right with their own eyes.  Enter Kirito: a boy who finds himself trapped along with 9,999 other players in the new popular virtual online game, “Sword Art Online”.                           On November 6th, 2022, a virtual […]

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