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“GREAT SNAKES!” Steven Spielberg Returns to His Roots with “The Adventures of Tintin"

by Jeffrey Harrison December 21, 2011
Visually, the world of the movie is striking and impressive, including the 3D presentation, and it starts strong with an ingenious animated opening credit montage sequence. However, the animation style comes off as jarring and odd. The film aims to make the characters photo-realistic with some exaggerated, caricatured features similar to their graphic depictions from […]

NYCC2011: Classic Warner Brothers/Hanna-Barbera Blu-ray Panel Report

by darkdetectiveon October 17, 2011
Will Friedwald began talking about the various kinds of music one can hear in Looney Tunes shorts, from classical to jazz. Ford compared Carl Stalling, the composer of the scores one hears in Looney Tunes shorts, to Stravinsky. Levy explained that Looney Tunes was Warner Brothers’ answer to Disney. The music moves at such a […]

"Looney Tunes Super Stars: Pepe Le Pew" Coming to DVD on December 27, 2011

by Ed Liuon October 3, 2011 is reporting that Looney Tunes Super Stars: Pepe Le Pew will be coming to DVD on December 27, 2011. The DVD will contain all 17 Pepe Le Pew cartoons, 14 of which have not been released to DVD yet. Suggested retail price is $19.98. UPDATED October 3, 2011: The full press release announcing this […]

SDCC2011: Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman Animations’ Upcoming Films Previewed

by 90'sCartoonManon July 25, 2011
Aardman Animation, home of Wallace & Gromit, in association with Sony Pictures Animation, made their first ever Comic Con appearance to preview their two new films. The Pirates! Band of Misfits, a 3D stop-motion animated film, shows the adventures of a ragtag group of pirates. Hugh Grant leads an all-star cast including Martin Freeman, Brendan […]

"Looney Tunes: The Essential Daffy Duck" Coming in November

by Classic Speedyon July 13, 2011
On 11/1/11, Warner Home Video plans to release a follow-up to the “Looney Tunes: The Essential Bugs Bunny”, with this volume focused solely on Daffy Duck cartoons. The 2-disc DVD set is priced at $26.99. The contents are currently as follows: Disc 1: * Porky’s Duck Hunt [1937, Tex Avery] (new to DVD) * Daffy […]

PR: Focus Features & Laika Reteam for Two-Picture Distribution Deal

by Ed Liuon May 4, 2011
CORALINE PARTNERS FOCUS FEATURES AND LAIKA RETEAM FOR TWO-PICTURE DISTRIBUTION DEAL; 3D STOP-MOTION ANIMATED COMEDY THRILLER PARANORMAN OPENS AUGUST 17, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK and PORTLAND, OR, May 4, 2011 – Focus Features and LAIKA, the two companies behind the Academy Award-nominated animated feature Coraline are reteaming for LAIKA’s next two projects. The […]

Foghorn Leghorn Appears in GEICO Ad

by Craig Crumptonon March 24, 2011
The GEICO Guy asks, Voice Actors in the News Video courtesy of GEICO’s official YouTube Channel. via Voice Actors in the News

"Looney Tunes Super-Stars": Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote: Supergenius Hijinks Coming

by Classic Speedyon January 26, 2011
Updated 2/23/11 The next volume in the Looney Tunes Super-Stars line is coming sometime in Fall 2011. The single disc DVD will contain the following Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote shorts: * Whizzard of Ow (2003, Bret Haaland) * Chariots of Fur (1994, Chuck Jones) * Little Go Beep (2000, Spike Brandt) * Sugar […]

Reward Offered for Stolen Sylvester & Tweety Statue

by Craig Crumptonon December 4, 2010
NBC-2 News is reporting that a 24-inch Sylvester & Tweety statue has been stolen from an elderly couple’s home in Fort Meyers, FL, even though the statue was “deeply embedded into the ground, and…reinforced with steel rods.” “Sylvester and Tweety were the center of attention,” says the homeowner, who adds that the statue holds “extreme […]

"Looney Tunes Super Stars" Continues With Foghorn, Sylvester & Tweety

by Classic Speedyon August 26, 2010
The next wave of “Looney Tunes Super Stars” DVDs will feature one release of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons (and others), while the other will feature Sylvester & Tweety cartoons. Both will be released on 11/30/10 for $19.98 each. At this time, the contents of the Foghorn DVD, entitled “Barnyard Bigmouth”, are as follows: (all cartoons directed […]