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"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Coming to a Mall Not So Far, Far Away

by Ed Liuon September 21, 2008
Cartoon Network has announced a mall tour to promote the upcoming series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The tour kicks off in Chicago, IL, on the weekend of September 19-21, 2008, and will continue through 7 more major American cities through November 9, 2008, including New York City, Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. For the […]

PR: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Mall Tour Launches Sept 19, 2008

by Ed Liuon September 20, 2008
STAR WARS(tm): THE CLONE WARS(tm) Mall Tour Launches Sept. 19 Kids and Families to Learn the Ways of the Force in Malls Across the Country Cartoon Network is counting down to Friday, Sept. 19, when the STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Intergalactic Tour blasts off in malls around the country. The tour will run eight […]

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Secret Saturdays" Debut on October 3, 2008

by Ed Liuon September 2, 2008
Cartoon Network has announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Secret Saturdays will debut on Friday, October 3, 2008, at 8:00 PM (Eastern/Pacific), alongside Ben 10: Alien Force. The debut Friday will feature an hour of The Secret Saturdays and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with subsequent weeks filled by one episode of […]

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Debuts at #3 at Box Office

by Ed Liuon August 18, 2008
The CGI animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars hit the #3 spot in the box office race on its debut weekend with an estimated box office take of $15.5 million. The movie came in behind Tropic Thunder and The Dark Knight, which took an estimated $26 million and $16.8 million, respectively.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Is a CG-Film Only a CG-Audience Could Love

by Maxie Zeuson August 15, 2008
The other day the phone rang, but I let the answering machine get it. The “caller,” it turned out, was an automated system from one of the big box stores. Their machine and our machine spent a merry few minutes trying to talk to each other, what with the one badgering the other to press […]

CBR on New "Clone Wars" Comics

by Ed Liuon August 14, 2008
Comic Book Resources has spoken with scripter Henry Gilroy about the new comic books from Dark Horse based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the CGI animated continuation of the Star Wars saga which hits theaters on August 15, 2008, and will then become a series on Cartoon Network. Gilroy discusses the story that he […]

George Lucas on Animated "Clone Wars"

by Ed Liuon August 5, 2008
Newsarama has posted a report of a press event held on Monday to promote the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated feature film, which opens on Friday, August 15, 2008. Director Dave Filoni and producer Catherine Winder appeared with Lucas, who all discussed the artistic approach they took to the animation, why their CGI […]

NY Times on Lucas' Animated Return to "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

by Ed Liuon June 30, 2008
The New York Times has taken a look at George Lucas’ return to the Star Wars universe for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (free registration required), the upcoming TV series which will debut in a limited theatrical release on August 15, 2008. The article notes that Lucas has yet to make good on his promise […]

George Lucas Says 100 Episodes of "Clone Wars" in 2008

by Ed Liuon September 21, 2007
TV Guide Online has posted the second part of an interview with George Lucas, where he discusses his plans for television shows based on the Star Wars franchise. He stated that Lucasfilm will be doing 100 episodes of the CGI-animated Clone Wars cartoon, and that he wants to have 50 to 60 episodes completed before […]

George Lucas Talks Animated "Clone Wars" TV Series

by Ed Liuon October 6, 2006
Filmmaker George Lucas has announced more details about his new Clone Wars animated series. Lucas confirmed that the new series will be computer-generated, and that it will be a sequel to the 25-episode series on Cartoon Network. The show “could air next year,” but Lucas has not sold it to a network yet. (via Internet […]