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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim In Virtual Reality

by Alex Beanon November 8, 2017
With the holidays rapidly approaching – yes, they are – it is time to start considering your gifting options for the holidays and Sony has made a good case for one of those options being their virtual reality version of the popular “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” for their PlayStation VR.   Sony has with more than 100 VR games […]

The Korix Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon March 31, 2017
Overshadowed – as nearly everything was – by the “Destiny 2” reveal trailer yesterday, was the launch trailer for “Korix” – a pseudo-Tron-like game available on Sony PlayStation VR…

Robinson: The Journey – Welcome To The Journey

by Alex Beanon October 31, 2016
Robinson Crusoe was a fictional character who finds himself stranded on a tropical island and the latest Sony PlayStation VR video game “Robinson: The Journey” [release date: November 9, 2016] tweaks that story by sending its version of Crusoe out on a spaceship and finding himself marooned on a strange planet…

Solids Or Stripes? Hustle Kings VR Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon October 12, 2016
The launch trailer for “Hustle Kings” on Sony PlayStation VR [release date: October 13, 2016] shows that you can indeed not always hit the 8-ball in on the break…

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood Launch Trailer For Sony PlayStation VR

by Alex Beanon October 12, 2016
Just in case the title is not clear enough, there might be quite a bit of the red stuff in the Sony PlayStation VR launch trailer for “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” [release date: October 13, 2016]…

EVE: Valkyrie Launch Trailer For Sony PlayStation VR

by Alex Beanon October 7, 2016
It’s an updated game of “Asteroids” in the launch trailer for “EVE: Valkyrie” for Sony PlayStation VR…

The Assembly: The Induction Trailer For Sony PlayStation VR

by Alex Beanon July 19, 2016
Available later in 2016, here is the trailer titled “The Induction” for Sony PlayStation VR’s “The Assembly”…