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Sentai & Section23 License "Dream Eater Merry"

by Classic Speedyon February 10, 2011
Sentai Filmworks has licensed the J.C. Staff-animated series Dream Eater Merry, aka Yumekui Merry, which premiered in January 2011. The fantasy series concerns Yumeji Fujiwara, a boy who can see and predict other people’s dreams and nightmares, and who soon meets a girl from said dreams. It is unknown at this time whether the 12-episode […]

Sentai Filmworks & Section23 Announce New April Titles Including "Asylum Session"

by Classic Speedyon January 17, 2011
A new license has been added to Sentai Filmworks and Section23’s library: Asylum Session, a 65 minute movie from the same studio that produced Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek and 5 Centimeters Per Second. It will be released on DVD on 4/26/11 for $19.98. It will be in Japanese with English subtitles only. Additionally: (titles are […]

Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Announce New March 2011 Titles, Incl. "Shin Koihime Musou"

by Classic Speedyon December 9, 2010
Shin Koihime Musou, the 2009 sequel series to Koihime Musou, a fantasy fanservice series loosely based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, gets a complete DVD collection on 3/1/11 for $49.98. As with the first season, it will contain Japanese with English subtitles; no dub. Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka, a drama/romance series based on […]

Sentai/Section23 Announce New February Titles Including "Needless"

by Classic Speedyon November 9, 2010
Needless, a sci-fi anime series about a species of humans with amazing powers, comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 2/15/11 for $59.98 (DVD) or $69.98 (Blu-ray). Its first collection runs 300 minutes and will contain both English and Japanese audio. Other DVDs coming in February include: * Eyeshield 21 Collection 4 (Sub only): 2/8/11 – […]

Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Announce New Jan. Titles Including "Koihime Musou"

by Classic Speedyon October 21, 2010
Three new anime series are set for January. The first is Kampfer, an action series about a boy who has been transformed into a girl. The complete collection DVD set comes out on 1/18/11 for $49.98 and runs 325 minutes. It will be in Japanese with English subtitles only. The next is Koihime Musou, a […]

Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Announce New Dec. Titles Including "Nyan Koi"

by Classic Speedyon September 21, 2010
Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films have licensed a new anime comedy called Nyan Koi, about a teenage boy who must grant 100 wishes from cats or he’ll turn into a cat himself. The complete series comes to DVD on 12/14/10 for $49.98. It runs 300 minutes and is subtitled only. Additionally, look for the following […]

Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Announce New Nov. Titles Including "Uta-Kata"

by Classic Speedyon August 17, 2010
Sentai Filmworks has picked up three more anime series. The first is Uta-Kata, a magical girl series directed by Keiji Gotoh (Kiddy Grade). Its complete collection DVD release comes out on 11/2/10 for $49.98 and runs 325 minutes. It will be subtitled only. The second is a comedy sports show from J.C. Staff, Taisho Baseball […]

Section23 Films/Sentai Announce New October Titles Including "Canaan"

by Classic Speedyon July 22, 2010
Two new anime titles are coming in October, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films. The first is Kimikiss, a comedy/romance series. The Collection 1 DVD set is being released on 10/5/10 for $49.98. It will run 325 minutes and will be a sub only release. The second is Canaan, an action series. This title […]

Sentai Announces "Sola," "Tytania" for August Release

by Maxie Zeuson May 21, 2010
Sentai Filmworks will release five new titles to DVD in August, including Princess Resurrection, Sola, and Tytania Collection 1, Anime Briefs reports. Princess Resurrection is about a young man who becomes a part of the honor guard of the daughter of the King of the Monsters. The 650-minute Complete Collection will debut on August 3 […]

Sentai/Section23 Films Announce New July Titles Including "Golgo 13"

by Classic Speedyon April 25, 2010
The 2008 Golgo 13 series is coming to the U.S. on 7/13/10. The first DVD collection, running 325 minutes, is priced at $59.98. Most notably, this title will be getting a dub from the start. Additionally, the following titles are on the way as well: * Eyeshield 21 Collection 2: 7/6/10 – 325 min. – […]