Review: "Rocko's Modern Life": Complete Series: Not a Very Dangerous DVD


(Note: Since this Complete Series package features every episode from seasons 1-4 and I already reviewed seasons 1-3 separately, I will only focus on volume 4 to reduce redundancy.) But there’s still a lot of quality here. “Pranksters” is a hilarious episode where Heffer keeps pulling April Fool’s Day pranks on his friends but rightly […]

"Rocko's Modern Life" Season 3: Better than Both Salami and Bologna Combined


Watching Rocko’s Modern Life‘s third season, I’m continually impressed with how well the show has held up in the years since it originally aired in the mid ’90s. The characters are still engaging, the artwork is still unique, and most importantly, it’s still quite funny. Easily the best episode of season 3 is the sublime […]

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