Otakon2011: Bandai Entertainment acquires Nichijou, Gosick and Manga Titles

During their Otakon panel Bandai Entertainment announced they have acquired Nichijou and Gosick. Bandai Entertainment also announced they have acquired the Nichijou manga and Code Geass: Renya of Darkness.

Otakon2011: "Hetalia Paint it, White" - Premiere Press Screening

I’ve always had rather strong reservations about Hetalia. Not really because it is blunt with its material but because I didn’t think I would find the same jokes funny when they are used over and over again. The short episode length format was a smart move by the creators; for I feel silly in-your-face humor […]

Otakon2011: "Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below" Review

The plot begins to take off when Shun’s younger brother, Shin, is introduced, and Asuna journeys into Agartha. Even then, the story as a whole suffers from pacing problems, with Asuna and Mr. Morisaki wandering through Agartha camping. This is in part due to the fact that there is very little action in Children Who […]

Otakon2011: FUNimation Acquires "Heaven's Lost Property" Movie

During their Otakon panel FUNimation Entertainment announced that they have acquired the Heaven’s Lost Property: The Angeloid of Clockwork, a romantic comedy due for a 2012 release on DVD and Blu-Ray. FUNimation had previously acquired home video and digital rights to both seasons of the television series.

Otakon2011: Aniplex Announces Plans for Blue Exorcist, Oreimo, Madoka Magica

During their Industry panel at Otakon Aniplex announced DVD releases for Blue Exorcist, Oreimo and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Blue Exorcist will be released in four parts with English subtitles, the first part is set to be released on October 18th 2011, with preorders being available starting August 1st. Included in the release will be […]

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