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Otakon 2010: Toonzone Interviews Anime Voice Actor Vic Mignogna

by Lelouchon August 5, 2010
While at Otakon, I had the pleasure of conducting my first interview with none other than voice actor Vic Mignogna. He has been in over 150 dubs; he is most known for his roles as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club, Broly from the Dragon Ball Z films, […]

Otakon2010: Press Conference For The Creators of Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW

by Lelouchon August 4, 2010
On Sunday morning, I got to attend a press conference featuring the creators of Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW; Koji Masunari, Masashi Ishihama and Tomonori Ochikoshi. While there was quite a bit discussed such as giant robot shows, how they relax and their plans for the future, the main focus was obviously on the movie […]

Otakon2010: Of Unicorns and Gundam Unicorn

by Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoison August 3, 2010
Although final days at conventions are only half days and can be less substantial than the first two days in my experience, my Sunday at Otakon 2010 was fully occupied by two satisfying events. Longtime readers may recall the tribute I paid to what I consider one of the finest Rankin-Bass productions and a marvelous […]

Toonzone Goes to Otakon 2010

by Ed Liuon August 3, 2010
Otakon 2010 is underway now at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, and Toonzone is on the scene with Eric “Weatherman” Stehmer, Todd “GWOtaku” DuBois, and Nick Hobbs reporting. Check out all our coverage of Otakon 2010 below, or search the news for “Otakon2010.” FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010 Otakon 2010: Early Thoughts FUNimation Licenses […]

Otakon2010: Days 2 and 3

by Lelouchon August 2, 2010
Otakon Day 2  Day two started out rather calm for me, mainly because there wasn’t too much going on until a bit later in the day. As far as screenings go, I didn’t really get to check out any on Friday (I watched a small clip or two, but not an entire episode). So, in […]

Otakon2010: Industry Panel Reports

by Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoison July 31, 2010
This past weekend, Otakon 2010’s programming included three industry panels hosted by significant players in the anime market: FUNimation Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment, and Aniplex of America, Inc. These panels are always anticipated for possible news about the licensing of excellent titles from the land of the rising sun that anime fans are hoping for, and […]

Otakon2010: Day 1 – Adventure!

by Lelouchon July 31, 2010
Going into this con there were a few things I thought to expect. I expected things to be crazy, I expected crazy costumes, and I expected rabid fans. Those expectations? Completely blown out of the water. Otakon truly is one of those events that you kind of have to be at to realize how extreme, […]

Otakon2010: Early Thoughts

by Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoison July 30, 2010
Otakon 2010, the largest anime convention on the east coast, runs from July 30th to August 1st this weekend. With fresh premiers and certainty of substantial industry news emerging out of this convention once again, it should be an exciting three days for devotees of Japanese animation. In advance of Toonzone’s coverage of this event […]