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Otakon 2009: The Wrap Up

by Weathermanon July 29, 2009
Jellyfish…Dinosaurs…OTAKU!!!!!!!!!! The otaku have come, and it was good. Otakon 2009, bigger than ever. Better, well, depends on who you ask. Unoficially so far there were a touch over 26,000 attendees at Otakon this year. That’s about twice the full house capacity of the arena where they staged the cosplay masquerade this year. That number […]

Otakon 2009: Complete On-Site Coverage

by Ed Liuon July 21, 2009
Otakon 2009 is underway in Baltimore, MD, from July 17th-19th, 2009, and Toon Zone News is there! Links to all of Toon Zone’s coverage so far can be found here, or by searching for “Otakon 2009.” Otakon 2009: Funimation Acquires 3 New Properties Otakon 2009: Bandai Industry Panel Otakon 2009: The Preliminary Numbers Otakon 2009: […]

Otakon 2009: Bandai Industry Panel

by Weathermanon July 18, 2009
Bandai did not have any announcements at their panel this year as “Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens” was announced prior to the convention. They did confirm that there will be a theatrical release of the Eureka 7 movie to a total of 432 screens nationwide through Fathom Events on September 24, 2009. They also confirmed a […]