Otakon 2009: The Wrap Up

Jellyfish…Dinosaurs…OTAKU!!!!!!!!!! The otaku have come, and it was good. Otakon 2009, bigger than ever. Better, well, depends on who you ask. Unoficially so far there were a touch over 26,000 attendees at Otakon this year. That’s about twice the full house capacity of the arena where they staged the cosplay masquerade this year. That number […]

Otakon 2009: Complete On-Site Coverage

Otakon 2009 is underway in Baltimore, MD, from July 17th-19th, 2009, and Toon Zone News is there! Links to all of Toon Zone’s coverage so far can be found here, or by searching for “Otakon 2009.” Otakon 2009: Funimation Acquires 3 New Properties Otakon 2009: Bandai Industry Panel Otakon 2009: The Preliminary Numbers Otakon 2009: […]

Otakon 2009: Bandai Industry Panel

Bandai did not have any announcements at their panel this year as “Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens” was announced prior to the convention. They did confirm that there will be a theatrical release of the Eureka 7 movie to a total of 432 screens nationwide through Fathom Events on September 24, 2009. They also confirmed a […]

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