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Puzzle and Dragons Evangelion Artwork

Puzzle and Dragons Adds Evangelion to its Mix

by Shawn Hopkinson February 19, 2014
Hey, you got your Rebuild of Evangelion in my Puzzle and Dragons! No, you got your Puzzle and Dragons in my Rebuild of Evangelion! GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. is betting that these will be two great tastes that taste great together, launching a collaboration that will add the popular Evangelion characters to its mobile hit […]
Final Fantasy VI for iOS

“Final Fantasy VI” Out Now For iOS

by Shawn Hopkinson February 6, 2014
For RPG gamers of the 16-bit era, there was no greater event than the release of Final Fantasy VI. I still remember the feeling of anticipation as I waited for its release, and the exhilaration the first time I watched the opening scene. I felt like an amazing adventure was about to start and I was […]

Hello Kitty Kruisers

Cruise to Cuteness in Hello Kitty Kruisers for Android and iOS

by Shawn Hopkinson January 17, 2014
It is a little-known international law that every cartoon character must eventually star in a kart racer. Hello Kitty doesn’t want any trouble with the man, so now she and her very cute and very Japanese friends tear hell-bent for leather around very cute tracks in a very cute new game for iOS and Android. […]