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Abzu: A New PS4 Journey

by Peter Paltridgeon December 21, 2015
One of the standout games in the Playstation 3’s library was Journey, developed by the indie studio thatgamecompany exclusively for Sony. Journey was, essentially, what it said on the tin — a journey, and little more. The game was wordless and never held your hand — it was a pure experience. Your goal was simply […]

Childrens Hospital – Episode Recap – Season Five, Episode Five – Imaginary Friends

by Alex Beanon August 23, 2013
Synopsis: Cat wants to have a child of her own [after an offhand remark from Glenn] while Childrens hospital closes a smoking lounge and opens an Imaginary Friends ward. Details: A little boy named Dylan is being consoled and soothed by the Chief until she finds out that he has an imaginary friend named Jasper […]