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AX: FUNimation Announces "Negima!?", "xxxholic", "Jyo-Oh Sei", "Darker Than Black"

by Classic Speedyon July 1, 2007
At Anime Expo 2007, FUNimation announced it has licensed the following anime series: * Darker Than Black, a sci-fi/mystery series from BONES. It is currently running in Japan and will be 25 episodes when it finishes. It is expected for a 2008 release. * Negima!?, an alternate retelling of Xebec’s Negima!, which is currently being […]

Funimation now offering downloads at

by Weathermanon June 29, 2007, a division of Funimation’s parent company Navare, is now offering downloads of several Funimation titles for $1.99 each. All of the downloads will require Microsoft Mediaplayer 9 and an operating system that can support the software. Titles being offered include Trinity Blood, Rumbling Hearts and Kiddy Grade. [ ]

FUNimation Announces New September Titles Including "Witchblade"

by Classic Speedyon June 14, 2007
The anime adaption of Witchblade sees its first volume release on 9/25/07. It will be available in both regular ($29.98) and special editions ($44.98). Quite a few box sets are planned as well. Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1 Part 1 will be released on 9/18/07. It will contain the first 16 episodes. Spiral will get a […]

Funimation sees sales spike in 2006-2007

by Weathermanon June 6, 2007
Navare has published their 2006-2007 fiscal year results showing a 47.8% gain in sales volume for their Funimation division. The company credits Full Metal Alchemist, the Dragonball Z season sets, Basilisk, Trinity Blood and the Robotech: Shadow Chronicles releases for the increase. Afro Samurai was not included due to it’s release date being after the […]

FUNimation Announces New August Titles Including "School Rumble"

by Classic Speedyon May 24, 2007
School Rumble, a school-based romantic comedy show, debuts on 8/21/07. It will be available with or without a box; the regular edition is $29.98 and the version with an artbox is $39.98. There’s no word yet on the running time. Rumbling Hearts will be getting a complete series box set on 8/7/07 for $49.98. Further […]

Dragonball Z Season One Remastered Sets Ruling Anime Sales Charts

by Jacob T. Paschalon May 17, 2007
In a press release released today FUNimation announced that the first of the newly remastered Dragonball Z season sets has been ruling the Nielson Video Scan data despite three months on the market. The press release says “Dragonball Z season set sales have also helped FUNimation increase the company’s position as the market share leader […]

Anime Central 2007: FUNimation Licenses ‘Black Blood Brothers’

by Nobuyuki samaon May 13, 2007
FUNimation kicked off vampire-hunting season again this year by announcing the license for Black Blood Brothers at their industry panel held at Anime Central Saturday night, May 12th. Black Blood Brothers, a 12-episode TV series that aired in Japan last fall, tells the story of “Old Blood” vampires Jirou and Kotaro Mochizuki and their war […]

Shin-chan US writers interviewed, movie possiblities discussed

by Matt Hazudaon April 26, 2007
The Shin-chan Myspace page sat down with Joel Bergen and Jared Hedges, two of the main writers for the US version of the show to talk about the process of changing the script for US audiences. Also mentioned in the comments following the article is that they will be airing only 20 episodes on their […]

FUNimation Channel to Air Central Park Media Anime Properties

by Ed Liuon April 25, 2007
An announcement on the FUNimation Channel home page is announcing that the channel has acquired the rights to air several popular anime from Central Park Media, including Grave of the Fireflies, Record of Lodoss Wars, Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie, and Project A-Ko. The first anime to debut will be Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie […]

FUNimation Acquires "One Piece"

by Dukeon April 13, 2007
In an interview with animeOnline, Lance Heiskell (Marketing Director) and Justin Cook (Production Manager) have revealed that FUNimation has acquired the licensing rights to the hit Shonen Jump anime One Piece. After discussion with Cartoon Network, the company will begin dubbing starting at episode 144 (where 4Kids’ previous dub leaves off), which is currently scheduled […]