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FUNimation Recalls "My Santa!" DVDs Due to Ratings Misprint

by Ed Liuon December 19, 2007
FUNimation has announced a recall of the romance/comedy anime DVD Ittsudate My Santa! due to a ratings misprint. DVDs were shipped originally with a TV-PG rating (parental guidance suggested) when they should have been rated TV-MA (mature audiences only) due to animated nudity and other content inappropriate for younger viewers. FUNimation plans to re-release of […]

Funimation To Do Another Set of Theatrical Movie Exhibtions, Adds New COO

by Weathermanon December 14, 2007
Funimation Entertainment has announced another round of theatrical exhibitions for several of their properties. Vexille, a new movie from the team behind the recent Appleseed movies, the 8th One Piece movie, The Desert Princess and the Pirates Adventures in Alabasta, and a movie based on the life of Genghis Khan entitled Genghis Khan — To […]

Funimation Voice Actor Randy Tallman Has Passed Away

by Weathermanon December 11, 2007
Voice actress Caitlin Glass reported on the forums on Sunday night that fellow character voice Randy Tallman had passed away on November 20. He was 67. He had roles in about 24 Funimation productions. Among his credits were Ryuuhei in Moon Phase, Fei Wong Reed in Tsubasa: RESIVoir CHRoNiCLE, and Booker Kudo in Case […]

NYAF 2007: FUNimation Panel Report

by Ed Liuon December 9, 2007
FUNimation’s Brand Manager Adam Sheehan ran the FUNimation panel at the New York Anime Festival 2007 to fill in fans on the company’s new releases and upcoming events for 2008. We got into the panel a few minutes late, when Sheehan was already discussing the success of FUNimation on iTunes. Sheehan said that iTunes sales […]

Anime Toy Maker Southern Island Is Bankrupt

by Weathermanon November 29, 2007
Southern Island, a toy company based in Arizona that specialized in anime-based merchandise, has closed up shop according to Anime News Network. The company’s phones have been disconnected, their website is down and their inventory will be auctioned off on EBay. They held the license for four Funimation shows, Case Closed, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits […]

Navarre Sees a Drop in 2nd Quarter of its 2007 Fiscal Year.

by Weathermanon November 8, 2007
Navarre as a whole suffered a 22% drop in sale compared to this time last year with most of the drop coming from their Funimation division. The drop was not unexpected due to Funimation’s schedule being very weighted towards the 1st and 4th quarters of the fiscal year. The total loss for Navarre was $400,000 […]

Funimation To Go On A "Ghost Hunt"

by Weathermanon October 31, 2007
Funimation Entertainment has announced a special halloween treat for anime fans. They have licensed the Ghost Hunt shoujo anime series of US distribution. The show ran for 25 episodes in Japan. The manga it was based on has been previously released in the US by Del Rey. source: http:…ingdoms-author

FUNimation Announces New January & February Titles Including "Shuffle"

by Classic Speedyon October 21, 2007
Many titles have been solicited by FUNimation. Firstly, here is a list of new titles from FUNi’s budget re-releases line: * Basilisk vol. 5 & 6: 100 min. – $19.98 – 1/22/08 * Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 7 & 8: 100 min. – $19.98 – 1/22/08 * Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 9 & 10: 100 min. – […]

Funimation COO Ward Thomas is Leaving the Company

by Weathermanon October 19, 2007
ICv2 is reporting that they have confirmed the deapture of Ward Thomas, Chief Operating Officer of Funimation, from the company as of mid-November 2007. Mr. Thomas came to Funimation from Funimation’s parent company, Navarre, in 2005. His departure comes a short time after the depature of Senior Vice President Debra Kennedy. [source: http:]

Jamie Marchi and Chris Bevins on Adapting "Witchblade" Anime

by Ed Liuon September 30, 2007
Voice actress Jamie Marchi and ADR directory Chris Bevins have been interviewed by Newsarama’s Animated Shorts column about the English adapation of Studio Gonzo’s Witchblade Anime. Marchi discusses how she got the role and the difficulties she’s had in acting the part, while Bevins discusses the differences between the American and Japanese versions of Witchblade, […]