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"Le Chevalier d’Eon" Complete Boxed Set: Revenge Best Served by a Cross-Dressing Spy

by Ed Liuon December 30, 2008
If you’re looking to wander a bit off the beaten path, you won’t be able to go much further than Le Chevalier d’Eon. In fact, this series is so far off the beaten path, you might need to pack a tent and a sleeping bag. What else can you say about a series that’s a […]

Funimation New Show a Go Go Day 9-"Gungrave"

by Weathermanon December 30, 2008
Funimation has announced the licensing of Yasuhiro Nightow’s “Gungrave”. Previously a Geneon title, “Gungrave” will be re-released on DVD in 2009. Nightow is most well known for being the creator of “Trigun”. Source:

Funimation New Show a Go Go Day 8-"Slayers Revolution"

by Weathermanon December 29, 2008
Funimation has announced that they have licensed the 4th Slayers series entitled “Slayers Revolution”. The series is the continuation of the Slayers anime story line, following Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev in their quest to obtain new weapons, defeat their challengers, and eat as much food as possible. “Slayers Revolution” will be coming to DVD […]

New Show a Go Go Day 7-"Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo"

by Weathermanon December 28, 2008
Funimation has announced the licensing of “Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo” for release in 2009. Continuing a trend for Funimation, “Gankutsuou” is a Gonzo production formerly released by Geneon. Based on the Alexandre Dumas novel, “Gankutsuou” reimagines the classic story in a futuristic sci-fi setting, utilizing cutting edge animation techniques and a unique visual […]

New Show a Go Go Day 6-Funimation Licenses "Oh! Edo Rocket"

by Weathermanon December 27, 2008
Funimation has licensed the 26 episode “Oh! Edo Rocket” show from Madhouse Studios. Set in Japan in the 1840’s shortly after the government banned the use, sale, or manufacture of rockets and fireworks, “Oh! Edo Rocket” revolves around Sekichi, a young boy with a passion for fireworks. Unable to pursue his passion without government interference, […]

Funimation Licenses "Last Exile" on New Show a Go Go Day 5

by Weathermanon December 26, 2008
Continuing a trend of licensing Gonzo Digimation productions, Funimation has announced the acquisition of “Last Exile”. Like many of Funimation’s recent acquisitions, “Last Exile” is a former Geneon title. Released as the feature title of Gonzo’s ten year aniversary celebration, “Last Exile” is a steam-punk show set in an alternate future earth where people fly […]

Funimation New Show a Go-Go Day 4-"Nobari no Ou"

by Weathermanon December 25, 2008
FUNimation has announced the acquisition of “Nobari no Ou” for distribution in 2009. The show is a 2008 production from J.C. Staff and D. Rights incorporated. The manga was previously licensed and is being distributed by Yen Press. The show will be released in two box sets. Set in modern day Japan, “Nobari no Ou” […]

Funimation A Go-Go Day 3-"Vandread"

by Weathermanon December 24, 2008
Continuing their 10 licenses in ten days roll out, FUNimation has announced that they have acquired the license for the sci-fi robot series “Vandread”. The show is a Gonzo Digimation production from the early 2000’s and had previously been distributed by Geneon before they ceased operations earlier this year. FUNimation acquired the license directly from […]

Funimation License A Go-Go Day 2: "Gad Guard"

by Weathermanon December 23, 2008
FUNimation has confirmed the licensing of another former Geneon title, “Gad Guard”, a 26 episode series from Gonzo Digimation. As with yesterday’s licenses, “Gad Guard” is a direct license from the Japanese rights holder for the series, in this case GDH, which is also the parent company of the show’s producer and a frequent partner […]

Funimation Opens Licensing Blitz with "Ikki Tousen"

by Weathermanon December 22, 2008
Funimation has opened their year end licensing blitz of 10 titles in 10 days by announcing that they will be distributing “Ikki Tousen”, a former Geneon title, in 2009. Rather than aquiring the license from Geneon, Funimation picked it up directly from the Japanese rights holder, Enoki Films. Read more here Source: and