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Funimation Acquires Kaze No Stigma

by Weathermanon September 8, 2008
From Studio GONZO, “Kaze no Stigma” will be released by Funimation in 2009. [Source: Anime News Network]

Toon Zone Presents "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" Trailer

by Eileen Cruzon August 29, 2008
In conjunction with FUNimation, Toon Zone is proud to host this video preview of the upcoming Blu-ray release Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Click the image below to play (requires QuickTime). <!– You can also right-click on the following link (control-click on a Mac) to save the QuickTime files to your computer, if the embedded video […]

FUNimation Announces New November Titles Including "Familiar of Zero" and "Nanoha"

by Dr. Daedaluson August 20, 2008
Quite a few new series make their debut from FUNimation in November. The anime comedy Familiar of Zero, aka Zero no Tsukaima, will see a complete collection debut on 11/4/08 for $59.98. In addition, the magical girl show Lyrical Nanoha will also get a complete collection release on 11/11/08 for $59.98. Darker Than Black will […]

FUNimation Announces New October Titles Including "Ouran Host Club"

by Dr. Daedaluson August 1, 2008
Numerous long-awaited FUNi acquisitions are being released in October. To start, Ouran High School Host Club debuts on 10/28/08 with a Season 1 Part 1 Collection. It will cost $59.98. Negima‘s OAV is set for 10/14/08 for $19.98. Claymore also premieres on 10/14/08 in both regular ($29.98) and limited editions w/artbox ($39.98). Jyu-Oh-Sei will be […]

Newsarama Interviews FUNimation’s Gen Fukunaga

by Ed Liuon July 30, 2008
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has interviewed FUNimation President and CEO Gen Fukunaga about the firm’s continuing success when the general trend in the anime market suggests a decline. Fukunaga discusses the recent acquisitions of titles from Geneon and ADV, their plans for utilizing new methods and technologies to deliver content, how they have achieved growth when […]

FUNimation Licenses "Baccano"

by Dr. Daedaluson July 21, 2008
Today, FUNimation revealed they have licensed Baccano, a 2007 fantasy anime series. Their official site is up, and the first episode can be viewed using the password “flying pussyfoot”. [Source: ; ]

FUNimation Announces New September Titles Including First Geneon Rescues

by Dr. Daedaluson July 7, 2008
As announced before Anime Expo ’08, FUNi will be distributing select Geneon titles. The first wave of releases has been announced for September: * Black Lagoon vol. 1, 2, and 3: 8/19/08 – $29.98 each (regular) ; $39.98 each (limited editions) * Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage vol. 1: 8/19/08 – $29.98 (regular); $39.98 (limited […]

FUNimation Acquires 31 ADV Titles

by Dr. Daedaluson July 4, 2008
FUNimation has distribution and release rights to numerous recent ADV titles, which they expect to start releasing later this year: * 009-1 * Ah My Goddess! Flights of Fancy * Air Gear * Air TV * Blade of the Phantom Master * Comic Party Revolution * Coyote Ragtime Show * Devil May Cry * Guyver: […]

FUNimation to Distribute Select Geneon Titles

by Dr. Daedaluson July 3, 2008
FUNimation announced that it has distribution, manufacturing, marketing, and sales rights to many recent Geneon titles. They plan to release the following: –Black Lagoon & The Second Barrage –Elemental Gelade –Ergo Proxy –Familiar of Zero, The –Fate/Stay Night –Hellsing Ultimate –Kamichu –Karin –Kyo Kara Maoh! (Season 2) –Law of Ueki, The –Lyrical Nanoha –Paradise Kiss […]

FUNimation Licenses "Heroic Age"

by Dr. Daedaluson June 30, 2008
Xebec’s 26-episode sci-fi mecha anime series Heroic Age has been licensed by FUNimation. Its official site can be viewed here, which includes a teaser trailer. The series is expected to be released in spring 2009. [ ]