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FUNimation Announces New June Titles Including "Romeo X Juliet"

by Classic Speedyon March 24, 2009
A couple new shows make their region 1 debuts in June. Firstly, Romeo X Juliet, a series based on the famous William Shakespeare play, sees a Part 1 collection on 6/23/09 for $59.98. Kaze no Stigma, a 2007 fantasy series from Gonzo, gets a similar Part 1 release on 6/30/09 for $59.98. Complete and partial […]

"Nerima Daikon Brothers" Box Is Anime for the Neck Downwards

by Ed Liuon March 10, 2009
Nerima Daikon Brothers may be the stupidest TV show I’ve ever seen, and that is absolutely not intended as an insult. As David St. Hubbins said in This is Spinal Tap, “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever,” but the 12 episodes of Nerima Daikon Brothers are so relentlessly, unapologetically stupid that the […]

Toon Zone Presents: Save Me! Lollipop: The Complete Series Trailer

by Eileen Cruzon March 7, 2009
In conjunction with FUNimation, Toon Zone is proud to host this video preview of the to recently released Save Me! Lollipop: The Complete Series. Click the image below to play (requires QuickTime). <!– You can also right-click on the following link (control-click on a Mac) to save the QuickTime files to your computer, if the […]

FUNimation Licenses "Mnemosyne"

by Classic Speedyon February 20, 2009
The final title FUNimation has licensed this week is Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, a 6-episode OAV from 2008, produced by Xebec. It contains elements of sci-fi, detective, and yuri in the tale of Rin, an office worker who has supernatural powers, and whom works with her partner Yumi to solve cases in future Tokyo. [Source: […]

FUNimation Licenses "El Cazador De La Bruja"

by Classic Speedyon February 19, 2009
Today, FUNimation announced that it had acquired the 2007 anime El Cazador De La Bruja, a 26 episode series from Bee Train (.hack, Noir, Madlax). It concerns a suspected murderer, Ellis, on the run with female bounty hunter Nadie, in Mexico. As with the other announcements, FUNimation plans to release the series later this year […]

FUNimation Licenses "Seto No Hanayome"

by Classic Speedyon February 18, 2009
Today, FUNimation announced that it has acquired the 2007 comedy anime series Seto No Hanayome, from AIC and Gonzo. It concerns a boy who is saved from drowning by a mermaid, and who must marry her while keeping her mermaid form a secret. FUNi will be releasing it under the title My Bride is a […]

FUNimation Announces New May Titles Including "Heroic Age"

by Classic Speedyon February 16, 2009
Heroic Age, a 2007 mecha/sci-fi anime series from Xebec, makes its U.S. DVD debut in a partial series set on 5/12/09 for $59.98. Murder Princess, a 2007 fantasy OAV by Bee Train, also makes its debut. Its complete DVD set will be released on 5/12/09 for $39.98. In Dragon Ball news, Z‘s ninth season (uncut) […]

FUNimation Licenses "Bamboo Blade", "Druaga", "Dragonaut", "Blassreiter"

by Classic Speedyon February 14, 2009
At Katsucon ’09, FUNimation announced that they have acquired the following anime titles: * Bamboo Blade, a 26-episode comedy/martial arts series from AIC. * Blassreiter, a 24-episode sci-fi series from Gonzo. * Dragonaut, a 24-episode mecha series from Gonzo. * The Tower of Druaga, a 12-episode fantasy series from Gonzo based on the Namco video […]

FUNimation Adds Romeo X Juliet Episodes (& More) to Website

by Classic Speedyon February 12, 2009
FUNimation’s official website now contains 19 subtitled episodes of Romeo X Juliet, a 24-episode series from Gonzo based on the famous Shakespeare play. Other recent videos include: Both English and Japanese languages available: * Ghost Hunt (dubbed up to episode 16) * Ouran High School Host Club (dubbed up to episode 13) * S.T.R.A.I.N. (dubbed […]

"Dragonball Z" Season 8: Boo Gonna Make You Dead! Dead! Dead!

by Chad Boninon February 10, 2009
In this season of Dragonball Z: Will the Z Warriors be able to take down the evil wizard Babidi? Will Majin Boo, the creampuff catastrophe in big boy diapers, succeed in destroying the world? And what about Gohan, the once-in-a-while star of the series? Will he get enough screen time? Meanwhile, Goku’s dead, but that […]