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TZ @ SDCC: "Futurama" DTV Notes (Updated)

by William C. Mauneon July 28, 2007
Toon Zone News’ Matt Hazuda is reporting on-site from San Diego Comic-Con 2007 and brings us the following details from the panel for Futurama. The four upcoming direct to video (DTV) movies were discussed, along with some of the tradeoffs. While they will be able to push the content a little further, budget cuts have […]

Mike Scully and Matt Groening Talk "Simpsons"; Movie Debuts in VT

by Ed Liuon July 23, 2007
Interviews and articles are increasing in advance of The Simpsons Movie‘s premiere this Friday, July 27, 2007. Animated Shorts at Newsarama has interviewed Simpsons producer Mike Scully on the long process of creating the movie and the likelihood of another one. Meanwhile, LA Weekly has published an extensive interview/profile with Matt Groening, covering the complete […]

Matt Groening Talks "The Simpsons" (Briefly)

by Ed Liuon July 22, 2007
The New York Times Magazine has interviewed Matt Groening about The Simpsons in advance of the Simpsons theatrical movie opening this Friday in theaters (registration required). The brief interview delves into some technical details about the movie, his political views, the prospect of Homer and Marge getting divorced, and where the Simpsons’ Springfield is located.

Third "Simpsons" CD Soundtrack Coming on 9/18/07

by Classic Speedyon July 17, 2007
Following the release of The Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield and Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons, The Simpsons: Testify will feature more songs from The Simpsons TV series. Due to be released on 9/18/07, The Simpsons: Testify will contain 41 tracks from the latest nine seasons: 1. “The Simpsons” Main Title Theme 2. […]

"Family Guy" Freakin’ Party Pack in October

by Classic Speedyon July 16, 2007
The previous five volumes of Family Guy plus Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story will be released together as “Family Guy – Freakin’ Party Pack”. The 17-disc set will be released on 10/30/07 for $149.98. Special features include a deck of playing cards, 100 poker chips, a Ping Pong net, four Ping Pong balls, and a […]

Springfield, Vermont will host "Simpsons" Movie Premiere

by Dan Collinson July 11, 2007
E! online reports that the upcoming World Premiere of The Simpsons Movie will take place in Springfield, Vermont. The small town beat out 13 other Springfields in the United States to host the world premiere that features Bart, Homer, Marge, Maggie and Lisa on the big screen. Springfield, Vermont will host the World Premiere of […]

"Vanity Fair" Loaded With Simpsons

by Ed Liuon July 11, 2007
Vanity Fair has posted several Simpsons-related articles on their website, including an extended oral history of the cartoon from many of the people involved in it; an interview with Conan O’Brien about his tenure as a writer on the show; and the magazine editors’ choices for the top 10 funniest Simpsons episodes ever made. (via […]

Kwik-e-Mart coming soon near you

by Weathermanon July 6, 2007
In conjunction with 21st Century Fox Films and Gracie Films, 7-Eleven has turned 11 of their storefonts nationwide into Kiwk-e-Marts as a promotion for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie, coming to theatres on July 27th. The promotion, which includes many of the non-themed 7-Eleven stores as well as the themed ones, includes Krusty-O’s cereal complete […]

Sen. Kennedy Throws His Weight Behind Springfield, MA in "Simpsons Movie" Contest

by William C. Mauneon July 3, 2007
Although parodied by the character Mayor Joe Quimby during most of The Simpsons run, Senator Ted Kennedy has stepped up to the plate to assist Springfield, Massachusettes bid to host the series’ movie premiere. In a video Springfield, MA created for the 20th Century Fox contest Kennedy invites the Simpsons family to join the residents […]

Fox Animation Appoints Toliver New Production VP

by Nobuyuki samaon July 3, 2007
Twentieth Century Fox Animation has named Karen Rupert Toliver vice-president of production, replacing John Cohen. She’ll focus on the development and production of animated projects, while reporting to Fox Animation president Vanessa Morrison. Previously, Ms. Toliver was a production executive at Disney Feature Animation on Brother Bear, Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons; she also […]