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"Simpsons Movie" DVD and Blu-Ray on Dec 18

by Ed Liuon December 16, 2007
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced details of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray disc of The Simpsons Movie. The single-disc DVD will be available in both full-screen and widescreen editions, with a variety of special features including two separate commentary tracks, deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and assorted promotional materials such as Homer’s monologue […]

"Avatar" Pushed Back to December

by Maxie Zeuson December 12, 2007
James Cameron’s Avatar is having its release date pushed back to December 18 in order to give its director more time for post-production work, Variety reports. The live-action/CGI film was originally slated for a Memorial Day release. Distributor Twentieth Century Fox has also announced that it will produce Ice Age 3 in digital 3-D. Carlos […]

Comic Sues "Family Guy" for Stealing His Act

by Maxie Zeuson December 7, 2007
Magician/comedian Art Metrano is suing Fox’s Family Guy for $2 million, saying the series stole part of his routine and used it in the animated movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, reports. Metrano claims the routine in the movie is “identical in music, sound and action” to portions of his act.’s report includes […]

"NY Times" and Newsarama on the Return of "Futurama" to DVD (UPDATED Nov 30, 2007)

by Ed Liuon November 30, 2007
The New York Times has FuturamaFuturama via the direct-to-DVD movie Bender’s Big Score (free registration required). The pair discuss how the DVD came to be after years of campaigning from the show staff and fans, how the economics of direct-to-DVD and the success of Futurama DVD boxed sets affected the decision, and how they exploited […]

Dwayne Carey-Hill and Claudia Katz on "Bender’s Big Score"

by Ed Liuon November 26, 2007
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has interviewed director Dwayne Carey-Hill and producer Claudia Katz about the production of Bender’s Big Score, the direct-to-DVD movie that resurrects Futurama from its network cancellation two years ago. The pair discuss how the project came to fruition, the convoluted plotline of the story, their relationship with creator Matt Groening and the […]

Groening, Cohen on "Futurama: Bender’s Big Score"

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2007
Newsarama attended the premiere of the direct-to-video movie Futurama: Bender’s Big Score, which will be the first of four DVDs to resurrect the canceled TV show. Series creator Matt Groening and Head Writer/Executive Producer David Cohen commented on the return of the show, as well as one of the unexpected side benefits Groening has in […]

Dan Clowes on Becoming a "Simpsons" Cartoon Character

by Ed Liuon November 20, 2007
Comic book writer/artist Dan Clowes has spoken to the Leader-Post about his role on last weekend’s episode of The Simpsons, where he joined comic book creators Alan Moore and Art Spiegelman in becoming Simpsons characters. Clowes states that his friendship with series creator Matt Groening led to his acceptance of the cameo, and also “thought […]

NY Times on "Family Guy" Composers

by Ed Liuon November 7, 2007
The New York Times has profiled Walter Murphy and Ron Jones, the composers for the Fox television show Family Guy (free registration required). The article covers how the pair began writing music for the show, the audacious songs used on the show, and the lawsuit brought against Fox for a parody on the show of […]

Family Guy’s "Star Wars" Spoof Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson October 30, 2007
A month ago, the new season of Family Guy kicked off with “Blue Harvest”, a Star Wars spoof. Now reports that “Blue Harvest” will be on DVD on January 15th. Bonus features include a behind the scenes featurette with Seth MacFarlane, and an interview with George Lucas, among others.

"The Pitts" Animated Series in the Works

by Classic Speedyon October 10, 2007
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mike Scully’s The Pitts, a short-lived 2003 sitcom about a highly unlucky family, is being remade into an animated series. Scully says, “It was so close to a cartoon, so we were talking how much easier it would be to execute it if it were animated.” Fox has currently ordered […]