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Evolve Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon February 11, 2015
“Evolve” has launched their launch trailer and you better start your DLC bank account now so you can afford all the monster and weaponry goodies in the coming months…

Evolve Has A New Monster – Behemoth

by Alex Beanon January 14, 2015
“Evolve” will have a new monster for you to deal with on February 10, 2015 – it is called Behemoth because, well, it is…

SDCC2014: Microsoft Giving Away 21 Custom Xbox One Consoles

by Alex Beanon July 23, 2014
Microsoft will give away 21 custom Xbox One consoles at the 2014 Comic Con in San Diego – each designed with the skin of one of its popular video games, including Evolve, Halo and Titanfall. The collection is being housed at the Xbox Gaming Lounge at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego and visitors […]