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Beauty And The Beast Sing-Along Event at the El Capitan Theatre

by Jeffrey Harrison October 5, 2010
Toonzone News was on hand for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along event at the El Capitan Theatre. The event celebrated the release of the brand-new Diamond Edition of the movie on Blu-ray/DVD. Live at the event were the voice actors for the titular Beauty and the Beast, Paige O’Hara (Belle) and Robby Benson (the […]

"Beauty and the Beast" Diamond Edition Arrives October 5, 2010

by Ed Liuon September 23, 2010
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD combo pack will be available on October 5, 2010, carrying a suggested retail price of $39.99. A DVD-only package will be released seven weeks later on November 23, 2010 with a suggested retail price of $29.99. The movie has […]

Disney Releases New "Tangled" Trailer (UPDATED with New Stills)

by Ed Liuon September 17, 2010
Walt Disney Feature Animation has released a new trailer for Tangled, their upcoming CGI animated feature film based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel. Click the image below to play:

New Video Clips from "The Black Cauldron" 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

by Ed Liuon September 15, 2010
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released the following video clips from The Black Cauldron 25th Anniversary Edition DVD, released yesterday, September 14, 2010: MEETING THE PRINCESS WHAT THE PIG SAW FAIRIES TRAILER

The Fantasia 2-Movie Collection Coming November 30th

by darkdetectiveon August 29, 2010
Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 are coming to Blu-ray and DVD November 30th. Although the films were originally going to be released under Disney’s Diamond Edition line, it would seem those plans have been scrapped along with the advertised Fantasia World that was believed to contain recent unavailable Disney shorts. The Oscar-nominated Walt Disney/Salvador Dali collaboration […]

"Tangled" Documentary Featurette Goes Online

by Maxie Zeuson July 29, 2010
Slashfilm has posted a three-minute documentary featurette on the making of Disney’s upcoming Tangled CG-animated movie. The focus is on the settings and the inspiration the designers found in Walt Disney’s own theme parks.

"Alice in Wonderland": Down a Very Shallow Rabbit-Hole

by Maxie Zeuson June 28, 2010
Poor Walt Disney. He loved Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, and for years tried to put them onto the big screen. The Alice Comedies, which more or less launched his company, took a clear inspiration from Carroll’s classics. In the 1936 short “Thru the Mirror,” Disney sent Mickey Mouse through the looking glass, to grow and […]

"Waking Sleeping Beauty" to Screen at Annecy Fest on June 8, 2010

by Ed Liuon June 1, 2010
The documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty will screen in Europe for the first time at the Annecy International Animation Festival on June 8, 2010, in the Bonlieu Petite Salle, at 2:00 PM. The movie will be introduced by its director, Disney’s Don Hahn, who will also host a panel after the screening with guests Ron Clements […]

"The Great Mouse Detective": Of Mice and Mysteries

by Maxie Zeuson April 23, 2010
I suppose I’m confessing to a form of thought crime when I say so, but there it is: I was never much of a fan of Disney’s Katzenberg-era animated features. I liked The Little Mermaid well enough. But I thought the admittedly lavish Beauty and the Beast an odious perversion of the original fairy tale; […]

Onion A.V. Club Interviews Don Hahn on "Waking Sleeping Beauty," More

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2010
The Onion A.V. Club has posted a lengthy interview with Don Hahn, longtime producer for Walt Disney Studios (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King), about his new documentary movie Waking Sleeping Beauty, which documents the period from 1984-1994 at the Walt Disney Feature Animation studios (read Toonzone’s review of the movie here). Among the […]