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"Dirty Pair TV" Part 2 Coming in February

by Classic Speedyon October 14, 2010
The second half of the 1985 Dirty Pair TV series comes to DVD on 2/1/11 from Right Stuf. It will feature 13 more episodes, in Japanese audio with English subtitles, and is priced at $49.99. Special features include a clean ending and trailers, as well as a booklet with interviews and artwork. [Source: ]

Dark Horse to publish "Dirty Pair" novels starting in June, 2007

by Weathermanon March 20, 2007
Dark Horse Books has announced the publishing of the original Dirty Pair writings as a eight book set that will begin in June, 2007. Originally published in SF Magajin by Haruka Takachiho the stories spawned a number of related properties including a television show, two Original Video Animation(OVA) series, two OVA features, a feature film […]