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"Conan the Adventurer" Season 2 Part 2: The Slow Rise of the Cimmerian

by Ed Liuon May 11, 2012
“Final Hours of Conan” is another of this set’s successes, as Conan is infected with a poison that will turn him into a Serpent Man under the thrall of Wrath-Amon, who offers Conan and his companions an antidote in return for their Star Metal weapons. It’s surprisingly effective, even if we know subconsciously that the […]

PR: "Conan the Adventurer" Season 2 Part 2 Available on DVD April 17, 2012

by Ed Liuon March 16, 2012
Animated Adventures For The Whole Family! CONAN THE ADVENTURER: SEASON TWO: PART 2 (click to enlarge) Available on DVD April 17th from Shout! Factory In search of justice and the precious Star Metal that can help him achieve it, the mighty warrior Conan returns to battle his archnemesis — the evil sorcerer Wrath-Amon — and […]

"Conan the Adventurer" Season 2 Part 1 – By Ishtar’s Beard, What an Improvement!

by Ed Liuon November 27, 2011
There is a comparable smart/stupid blend in several other episodes as well. In episode 2, “The Curse of Ahx’oon,” one really wonders why the obvious treachery of Zula’s cousin Gora hasn’t ended with Gora getting several sharp objects inserted through his body. Episode 6, “Thunder and Lightning,” is probably the worst on this set, centering […]

PR: "Conan the Adventurer" Season 2 Pt. 1 Arrives on DVD November 22, 2011

by Ed Liuon October 31, 2011
Animated Adventures For The Whole Family! CONAN THE ADVENTURER: SEASON TWO: PART 1 (click to enlarge) IN STORES NATIONWIDE FROM SHOUT! FACTORY NOVEMBER 22 The battle between good and evil continues as the brave barbarian adventurer Conan, his trusty steed Thunder, lovable phoenix Needle and his many warrior friends (including Zula, Jezmine, Greywolf and Snagg) […]

"Conan the Adventurer" Season 1: By Crom, What a Disappointment!

by Ed Liuon August 15, 2011
It’s a pleasure to report that there is at least one Saturday morning cartoon out there that manages to capture the untamed, muscular sensibilities of Robert E. Howard’s famous barbarian swordsman, Conan. Unfortunately, that cartoon is Thundarr the Barbarian. Beside that one, 1992’s Conan the Adventurer is only the palest of shadows of Howard’s original, […]