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New Episodes of "Futurama" Coming to Comedy Central

by Dan Collinson June 10, 2009
Taking a play off Family Guy’s playbook, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Comedy Central is ordering 26 episodes of Futurama to be aired in mid-2010. The new episodes will pick up after the 4th DTV movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder left off. As with Family Guy, 20th Century Fox Television has the right to […]

Comedy Central Developing New Toon Series

by Maxie Zeuson May 18, 2009
Comedy Central is developing a number of new animated series, and has ordered seven episodes of Ugly Americans, an animated series about an alternate-universe New York City where fantasy and sci-fi creatures are regular citizens, AWN reports. The network is also working on Gypsy Cab, which will have 30 Rock‘s Judah Friedlander as a gypsy […]

"Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder" Hits Comedy Central on April 26, 2009

by Ed Liuon April 6, 2009
Comedy Central has announced that they will be airing the fourth Futurama direct-to-video movie Into the Wild Green Yonder on Sunday, April 26, 2009, at 9:00 PM (Eastern/Pacific). The movie follows the crew of the Planet Express as a new green age is threatened by the emergence of an ancient force of darkness and Amy’s […]

"South Park" Season 12: More Messages, Fewer Laughs

by JerryvonKrameron March 9, 2009
As South Park rumbles into its thirteenth season, Season 12 has been released on DVD: 14 episodes on three discs. South Park shows few signs of stopping any time soon and, admirably, steadfastly even, it refuses to succumb to the lures of lazy formula. If Seasons 10 and 11 showed Matt Stone and Trey Parker […]

"South Park" Signs Deal with Netflix to Stream First Nine Seasons

by Ed Liuon March 3, 2009
The New York Times is providing details about a deal between South Park Studios and Netflix to stream the first nine season of the show through Netflix’s services (free registration required). The article notes how Comedy Central and South Park grew to prominence together, how a seemingly insignificant deal in 1997 to split non-TV revenue […]

"Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder" Ends with a Whimper

by Ed Liuon February 25, 2009
Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder is the fourth and final Futurama direct-to-video movie, and the last that fans can expect to see of the show for now. It probably comes with an unfair load of expectations; unfortunately, it doesn’t come close to meeting them. It is still a funny, well-made, and well-animated movie that […]

"South Park" New Season in HD; Older Seasons Being Re-rendered in HD

by Ed Liuon January 14, 2009
A report on states that the season 13 premiere of South Park on March 11, 2009, will be the first episode of the show broadcast in high-definition. The report goes on to state that, “we have been working hard for over a year re-rendering previous seasons in native HD,” emphasizing that this will not […]

NY Times on the Quiet Charms of "Dr. Katz"

by Ed Liuon December 15, 2008
In conjunction with the recently released Best of Dr. Katz DVD, the New York Times has spoken with show creator Jonathan Katz (free registration required), who discusses how his low-key animated comedy managed to be the first animated series on Comedy Central in 1995. Katz discusses how his animated version came about, how he sees […]

"South Park: Season 12" Coming to DVD & Blu-Ray

by Dan Collinson December 15, 2008 reports that Paramount and Comedy Central are going to release Season 12 of South Park on DVD & Blu-Ray on March 10, 2009. Both versions will contain 3 discs with 14 episodes from the twelfth season, as well as 3 featurettes. This will also be the first season set of South Park to be […]

Trey Parker on "Imaginationland" and How They’ll End South Park

by Ed Liuon November 19, 2008
The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex weblog has spoken to South Park co-creator Trey Parker about when and how the series will end, with the respective answers being “Not anytime soon” and “as a movie” akin to the 3-part Imaginationland special. Parker confirms that Imaginationland was intended as a second South Park feature film, but […]