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Comedy Central Orders More "South Park"

by Maxie Zeuson September 9, 2005
Comedy Central has ordered fourteen new episodes of South Park and extended its contract with series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in a deal that will keep the duo at the network through 2008, AWN reports. New episodes of the series will begin airing on October 19.

"Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show" Moves to Comedy Central

by Maxie Zeuson September 9, 2005
Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show will move to Comedy Central, AWN reports. The series, which originally aired on The WB last fall, will make its Comedy Central premiere on September 26 at 10:00pm.

I’m Going Down To South Park, On UPN

by Chad Boninon August 19, 2005
South Park, Comedy Central’s long-running animated series, will be premiering on UPN this fall at a weekday midnight slot. [Source: UPN]

Comedy Central Holding "South Park" Trivia Contest

by Maxie Zeuson April 27, 2005
Comedy Central and Burger King are sponsoring a “South Park Your Way” contest online at, AWN reports. Fans will test their knowledge of South Park factoids; the winner will choose his/her favorite episodes of South Park to air during the primetime slot, May 23-26, 2005, at 9:30pm.

"Drawn Together:" The "New Kids on the Block" Cartoon was Better

by Karl Olsonon October 28, 2004
The concept seems like it has potential. I mean, reality cartoon? How warped is that idea? I mean, it’s supposed to be a first, right? Oh wait, CN did a Survivor parody with some of their bumps and packaging back in the day. Oops. I simply can’t wrap my head around why someone, anyone would […]