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"Kanokon" Complete Series Coming Soon; Singles Cancelled

by Dr. Daedaluson October 15, 2010
Media Blasters announced via Twitter that they will be releasing a complete collection of the anime comedy Kanokon, and are canceling volumes 2 and 3 because of this. Volumes 2 and 3 were originally scheduled for midway through 2010, but kept getting delayed. The Media Blasters rep said the complete collection would be a lower […]

NYAF2010: Bandai Licenses Gundam 00 Movie, Announces Re-Release for Original MSG

by Lelouchon October 9, 2010
For their industry panel during NYCC/NYAF Bandai Entertainment has announced the licensing of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 movie A wakening the Trailblazer. Gundam Unicorn has also been licensed for a three part DVD release with 2 episodes per part for $29.98. Bandai also announced a two-part Anime Legends set for the original Mobile Suit […]

Bandai Entertainment Announces "Kurokami" Part 4 + A Delay

by Dr. Daedaluson September 22, 2010
Kurokami gets two more releases in November: * Part 4 (DVD, bilingual): 11/23/10 – 150 min. – $29.98 * Vol. 4 (Blu-ray, dub only): 11/23/10 – 125 min. – $24.98 Additionally, Hayate the Combat Butler‘s seventh volume has been delayed until 11/2/10. [Source: ]

"Race": Fast Ride to No Place Special

by Maxie Zeuson September 10, 2010
What exactly is the point of independent cinema? Put this question to any lover of art movies and you’ll likely get a dismissive nose sigh and a thin-pitched, whiny little screed about the freedom to make Important, Serious, Thought-Provoking and Experimental films without the grubby interference of low-brow Hollywood types who are only out to […]

"Voltron: Fleet of Doom" Blu-Ray Release Delayed (UPDATED New Release Date)

by Dan Collinson September 8, 2010
In a follow-up article, has reported the Blu-Ray release of Voltron: Fleet of Doom has been delayed. No word from Media Blasters on when they’ll have a new release date. UPDATE September 7th: reports that Media Blasters placed a new release date for the Blu-Ray release of Voltron: Fleet of Doom. The Blu-Ray […]

Bandai Entertainment Announces New October Titles Including "Kurokami" Part 3

by Dr. Daedaluson August 26, 2010
Bandai Entertainment has announced the following titles for October releases: * Hayate the Combat Butler Part 7 (sub only): 10/19/10 – 150 min. – $39.98 * Kurokami Part 3 (DVD): 10/5/10 – 150 min. – $29.98 * Kurokami vol. 3 (Blu-ray; dub only): 10/5/10 – 100 min. – $24.98 Additionally, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season […]

Media Blasters Delays Numerous Titles Including "Queen's Blade" Collection

by Dr. Daedaluson August 10, 2010
Queen’s Blade‘s second volume, originally scheduled for September, has been pushed back to 10/26/10. Additionally, the following titles are delayed with no new release date yet: * Kanokon vols. 2 & 3 * Queen’s Blade vol. 3 & collection (DVD and Blu-ray) * Voltron: Fleet of Doom Blu-ray [Source: ]

"Voltron: Fleet of Doom" Coming to Blu-Ray on September 28, 2010

by Dan Collinson July 28, 2010 reports that Media Blasters will bring the animated movie Voltron: Fleet of Doom to Blu-Ray. The Lion Force team and the Vehicle Force team join forces to stop King Zarkon and Viceroy Throk’s armada to save the Galaxy Alliance. The Blu-Ray disc will contain the full-length film, as well as the first episodes of […]

Media Blasters Announces Delays of "Ikki Tousen", "Rayearth", "Queen's Blade"

by Dr. Daedaluson July 21, 2010
A number of Media Blasters-licensed anime titles have been delayed to the new dates below: * Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny vol. 3: 8/31/10 * Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Complete Collection: 8/31/10 * Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2 Remastered: 9/7/10 * Queen’s Blade vol. 2: 9/7/10 * Queen’s Blade vol. 3: 10/26/10 * Queen’s Blade Complete […]

Media Blasters Announces New October Titles Including "Queen's Blade" Collection

by Dr. Daedaluson July 13, 2010
Queen’s Blade gets a complete collection release in October. It will be released in both DVD formats (10/5/10) and Blu-ray formats (10/19/10). Both versions will cost $49.98. Speaking of Queen’s Blade, the second season, which aired in the later half of 2009, is expected for a release sometime in Q1 2011. Additionally, Kanokon‘s third volume […]